A review of Arsenal’s transfer activity – Are we Happy?

Overall Arsenal have had quite a disappointing summer in terms of transfers. For most of the window we had seen a lot of players go out the door one way or another, whilst we were left eagerly anticipating when the real business would begin. That business never did come, until yesterday when Arsenal fans and I think most of the world stood back in shock to see that Arsenal had pulled off signing Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid.

The deal that has brought the Germany international midfielder to Arsenal from Real Madrid is suggested to be the second biggest British transfer record, costing around £42.5m! Ozil Is rumoured to be on around £130/140k a week after the likes of BBC and Sky Sports stated that his contract is 7 million euros per year.

Of course all Arsenal fans alike are going to be excited for days and so it’s difficult to evaluate our transfer window in a balanced opinion but remaining realistic for a moment and recognising all the deals that have happened I would suggest this window has still been slightly disappointing for the Gunners. My reason being, at the beginning of the transfer window or even back in May, Gazidis and Wenger promised that this was Arsenal’s revolutionary summer to change the club, and although you could now argue and say that we have spent big with Mesut Ozil, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was expecting perhaps a little bit more.

We had tried all summer to get big name players in the likes of Higuain, Rooney and Fabregas and we unfortunately failed to get them all, but had we signed one of them would we have secured a deal for Ozil? Would the club still have gone out there to get more world class players or would it have been a simple job of sitting back and saying that they had delivered what they promised. Like I said we should be happy with signing Ozil and most of us are over the moon, however being reflective over the whole summer aside from Ozil, it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

The full transfer activity is listed below:
Arsenal ins: Yaya Sanogo, Mathieu Flamini, Emiliano Viviano (loan) and Mesut Ozil
Arsenal outs: Angha, Eastmond, Wynter, Monteiro, Ebecilio, Denilson, Arshavin, Watt, Bihmoutine, Henderson, Neita, Rees, Shea, Mannone, Charles-Cook,Meade, Squillaci, Santos, Roberts, Hajrovic, Gervinho and Chamakh.
Loaned out: Djourou, Coquelin, Campbell, Aneke, Miquel, Vickers and Silva.

The fact that three of the transfers cost nothing, while our final day attempts to get Demba Ba from Chelsea was going to be a loan deal with a minimal price tag, suggests to me that Wenger did not have £70 million to spend after all. It seems that the club are still being, let’s say, careful with money. Hopefully, though, there will be some significant transfer funds in January.

I suppose we will have to wait and see whether Sanogo and Viviano will turn out to be good signings, but Flamini and Ozil have definitely added strength and quality to the squad. So are we happy Gooners?

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9 thoughts on “A review of Arsenal’s transfer activity – Are we Happy?

  1. Obviously Wenger knew what he was doing all summer. He allowed Gervinho go when he had not made a signing. This was very unlike Wenger. But now its clear why he did that. He needed to allow Gerv go so that Roma will allow Spurs get their replacement for Bale. He knew Madrid will never allow Mesot go unless they get Bale. Its clear to me that he had his eyes on Mesut from the beginning and was making half hearted deceitful gestures at Higuain and Suarez. As for me, this has been our best summer in a long time. As an Arsenal fan I am happy and very optimistics. Right now most of our competitors lack what we have: stable management, balanced midfield (arguably the best in the league), a bit of a strong defence especially with the acquisition (on loan) of Viviano, an attack that is looking very positive as Giroud is hitting it in as good as they come (meanwhile Sanogo look to me as the surprise option in our team). It looks good for Arsenal right now

  2. Happy? I don’t think so, we are going to the season with one striker man, three center back, one injured and this wenger no very well is gonna affect the team. Now every thing is fine but this is football when Giroud. Or Big Marta get injure now we are finish, cos there is no back up, that’s where wenger should look at. And I hope he did not stop playing Rosicky now that we’ve got Ozil..

  3. M pretty happy with how arsenal transfers have gone,i never expected us to purchse ozil,eventhough i’ll say the fee is quite much for a madrid reject(out of favour)player.The quality in the team is high regardless of signings but we needed a marquee signing to boost the team’s morale & am pretty elated about it.

  4. Its about the club managing expectations. They implied that would strengthen with quality and like every season only one quality player comes in. The Ozil signing is excellent but stopping goals and having a quality striker should surly have been onthe list. One players does not make Arsenal a league winning side but aids is keeping some fans quiet for a while. When the injuries get worse and goals start leaking which in turn results in the odd must win game being lost it will start over again and fans will be frustrated. AW still has not got the back bone sorted with a true leader on the field. Until he does we will continue to finish 4th as others will get stronger as the season goes on. Im not convinced we can win the league with a defence that panics often and three players go for one offensive player on attack like they did on sunday.
    We will get goals but the lack of depth up front is clear. Walcot will never be a main striker and whislt giroud has improved, if he gets injured we cant rely on a 20 year old as a replacement.
    I wish i could be more positive. Ozil will enhance an already reasonable offensive midfield and im not so sure we have strengthened in the right area to be honest.

  5. How can Arsenal fans happy with only one player. we want to win trophies. What arsenal did ?? Wenger just signed one world class player to shut Fans mouth.

    Arsenal has not signed player which they want really. Arsenal is not going to reach anywhere without a deadly finisher.

    Stan is the main problem. He is only looking for profit, not trophies. Please all fans should accept this facts. Now Arsenal is really panic because others spend big and worry about 4th place. So they bought one class player.

  6. I am not happy with Ozil signing because our problem is not attacking mid field we have a lot of them like,Wilshere,Rosiscky,Arteta,Ramsey etc.Our Problem is point one striker,some who will be able 2 finish the work that attacking mid fielders did,our next problem is difensive mid fielder,some body who will be doing the dirty works and make the work easier 4 the full backs.
    To be frank,am not really happy with the purchase of Ozil,he’s a good player but that not withstanding,WENGER should be able 2 identify the problem of the club and tackle it accordingly,unless he’s telling us that he has lost focus.jst take a look at our bench.mmmchew!!!

  7. three years ago we had Rvp, Fabr. and Nasri and won nothing, and now some believe withOzil we will win anything. what we need but didnt get was solid defenders and DM, It is good that at least we got Flamini and a keeper. Late transfers are always too late and too expensive

  8. i think Wenger is trying to emulate a Barca style, where we do not have to rely on an out and out striker, but a very clinical attacking mid-field where every mid fielder is capable of doing as much damage. this will make it very difficult for other teams to mark out or well single out a star play since they will be worry of all our players.

  9. these fans can never be pleased. we r not playing football manager mind you. we have acquired one of the greatest talents in europe. n some of u arent happy?? yes we could have done with another striker but maybe it’s time for walcott to step up. giroud is showing class btw. we have bendtner as backup as well. keep the faith n we r who we r. we have a fantastic team and im confident we will challenge for honours. as fans lets get behind the team n manager!! coyg!!

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