Andre Santos Doubtful That Robin Will Stay at Arsenal

One of Arsenal’s most fresh signings Andre Santos seems to be uncertain that club captain Robin Van Persie will stay with the club after this summer, saying that every player needs a change at a certain point.

Robin has basically grown frustrated with the lack of trophies Arsenal seem to be going through in the last 7 years, and rumours have it that unless Wenger will be able to bring in top signing which could convince the Dutchman that the Gunners still hold a chance to win the title, he’s going to leave.

Santos thinks that it’s hard to ignore the interest coming from so many top clubs, and Robin’s extraordinary late form will make Wenger’s job of keeping him virtually impossible.

“He has been at the club eight years and this was his best season.” Santos said. “Sometimes, a player is interested in getting to know other teams and of course, playing well, he has attracted interest from many other teams. Of course your mind is affected.”

Robin’s decision will certainly not be made for at least another month, but the waiting is harder with each day passing for Arsenal’s most loving fans who wants to see their favorite player commit to their beloved club.

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5 thoughts on “Andre Santos Doubtful That Robin Will Stay at Arsenal

  1. If hes not staying means one thing. Arsenal is not going to get any top players in anymore. Simple Lack of Ambition.

    1. A much as I want RvP to stay if he does leave others will come – they did after Henry Pires et al and they will always come.

  2. @steve I would also like to know which top players came in to replace pires, Henry etc maybe there’s some sort of a link there as to why we haven won anything for 7 years?

  3. We all know that Arsenal cannot compete with the bottomless pocket city and Chelsea but can at least sign decent players. Football is a game of 11-11. Arsenal was able to not only match city and chelsea but beat them both. This means that with decent players, teams can even up with good team work. The problem is that Arsenal does not seen to be interested in signing decent players and so may remain a selling club. After sometime, going by how things are moving, no ambitous player will want to come to Arsenal except he wants to use the team as a stepping stone.

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