Are Arsenal fans angry with Giroud? I am!

Olivier Giroud has been in prolific form in recent weeks, always managing to score in just about every game, but yesterday his record was tarnished as he missed three very real chances against Tottenham.

Arsene Wenger said that the striker was angry at himself after the game,but how do the Arsenal fans feel about it? Arsene Wenger actually said that he was happy that Giroud was angry! “I’m pleased. When you see players happy to miss chances you can worry. He is a real goalscorer, he did try. In the last two games, against Bayern and today he worked extremely hard and maybe he wanted too much to score in the end, and especially the opportunity he had in the six-yard box, but that can happen.”

It can happen yes, but three times in a row in the most important game of the season for the fans? I remember him doing the exact same thing against Monaco when we were embarrassed at the Emirates last year. He may be our top scorer but he is just sooo frustrating with the amount that he misses.

Wenger may be “pleased”, but I would rather that Giroud had buried all three chances and we would now be clear at the top of the League!

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