Are Arsenal fans upset about losing out on Jovetic? I’m not!

Prior to the season ending and just after it, the media was reporting news about Stefan Jovetic as if his transfer to Arsenal was in advanced negotiations and impending completion. However it wasn’t to be and a few weeks further on and we hardly hear his name mentioned in the media anymore. The latest reported yesterday was that Arsenal were refusing to meet his wage demands….

Stefan Jovetic is a player whose link to the club seemed to have some truth purely because on the persistent reports and the fact the reports were widespread across Europe. It had an air of the Podolski transfer back in 2012 which was announced in around March. The fans got excited about the possibility of making the summers first major signing and for once it was a relatively big name, but as stated things have since changed.

But not to worry Arsenal fans, I personally feel it’s a good thing we didn’t continue to follow Jovetic, although I cannot be certain that we have stopped tracking the player, or in fact ever was tracking the Montenegrin, I mean nobody actually knows if there was any truth in the media reports in the first place. But back to the main point and from what is being reported, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that Wenger has looked elsewhere away from the Fiorentina main man.

Jovetic’s goal scoring record of 31 goals in 115 appearances is extremely poor for a player known for his quality. I’m not going to even bother taking into account the claims that he is young, has been injured and arguably doesn’t play central striker, the fact remains that on that statistic, no way should Arsenal be looking to sign this player as their main striker.

It also means Wenger has had to look elsewhere in real top quality players, including Rooney and Higuain, both whom seem set to leave their respective clusb this summer, with Arsenal extremely keen on the pair of them.
Although there is still a chance Jovetic could sign for Arsenal I believe his price tag of £23 million has lowered the likeliness of a transfer more and more by the day and it has got to the stage where we simply just don’t hear of his link anymore. Although I don’t normally judge a player before I’ve seen a lot of them, the reviews and statistics say to me that I hope Wenger well and truly has turned his attention elsewhere than to Jovetic.

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6 thoughts on “Are Arsenal fans upset about losing out on Jovetic? I’m not!

  1. This season there are a lot of quality strikers that could be on the market, so I’m not disappointed if we don’t get Jovetic, who is far from being the best striker on the market. As you say, for his stats he seems to be over-rated. The only problem I think we could have is convincing a top striker like Higuain to come to a club fighting for 4th place and not winning anything. But then there’s always Benteke 😛

  2. If we get Higuain and the DM (Wanyama)then we ready for 2013/2014 season. Jovetic Who? Never minde him we got best youngsters the world has ever seen. Eisfeld, Ryo, Campbell why block their progress by going for the young Jovetic.


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