Arsenal are stuck with Bendtner so should he play?

In Arsene Wenger’s post match interview on Saturday, where he seemed strangely calm bearing in mind it was an absolute shocker of a game, he was quick to announce that Gervinho was leaving, which we were already aware about but also the fact that Bendtner is currently no closer to joining another side, posing the question if he will remain with Arsenal next season.

I believe it is Bendtner’s ignorance to what he is actually worth that is preventing any move from happening. We have heard that numerous clubs have lined Bendtner up and Arsenal for starters have accepted at least 10 offers for the Denmark International, 6 of which were all made in early July, however Bendtner rejected every single one of them.

It’s now got to the stage where Hull City has offered to take him. I mean with all respect to Hull, they managed to get in the Premier League but you can’t expect them to stay here and so they are nothing more than a Championship club, and Bendtner only thinks he is good enough for the Champions League elite. Surely these offers from arguably lower clubs suggest to him that he isn’t as good as he thinks and that ultimately his ego has just grown far too much.

I cannot remember the team exactly (because there has been so many) but he openly stated that the club wasn’t in the champion’s league and that he would basically be making a step down in his career. That club was keen on Bendtner and he finally had the chance to leave Arsenal permanently to a place that could offer regular playing time and challenging for a champions league position, and he mucked it up by slating them before he even joined.

Bendtner for me is one of the most frustrating players ever at Arsenal and he doesn’t even get on the pitch so that must tell you something about his character. Money, greed and his ego have all taken him to a stage where he wouldn’t be happy unless the winners of a big league came in for him. He thinks he is too good for Arsenal but in all honesty I can’t help but expect to see him as an Arsenal player come 1st Sept. He probably won’t play but no doubt he’ll just rot in the reserves whilst he concentrates on his jewellery business for the next year. If we are paying his wages, would it not be worth trying to get some work out of him?

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal are stuck with Bendtner so should he play?

  1. I’m going to be controversial…… I’d play him. We are paying for him and if he is serious about a move he needs to play like he’s in the “shop window”. We know he is talented. Just not as talented as he thinks he is!

    There is another side to this as well, we are really struggling to get in the “big name” (although I’m sure old Nick is convinced he’s the biggest name there is……) signing we all want/ need. This leaves us in a quandary. I love Giroud I think he’s all heart. Sonogo isn’t ready yet and there isn’t really anyone else. Giroud isn’t going to be able to play every game this season without a massive injury, so we are back to Nick. I don’t like him. I think he’s a mercenary twat, but we are paying for him so we may as well use him.

  2. If he runs down his contract
    We won’t get fee so let him
    Rot and miss the World Cup
    Cos he won’t get picked if not on show

  3. I’ve said for the past 2 seasons that Bendtner will be at Arsenal until his contract expires next year, no one wants to match his wage demands and no ‘top clubs’ have come in for him.. Hopefully we can just palm him off on loan again at the last minute just as the transfer window closes (like we’ve done for the last 2 seasons)… Next summer when his contract expires he will sign for whatever club offers him the biggest signing on fee, regardless of their stature in World Football, it’s all about Money with him.. I reckon he would happily join a non-league team if they offered him a big enough signing on fee, the guy has let his ego and greed completely destroy his career.. I hope that at the end of next season when his Arsenal contract expires, that NO ONE comes in for him at all.. If he just rots on the bench this year, and doesn’t play a single competitive game at any level, he will be so out of shape come the end of next season, then chances are that no one will want him… Not sure if Denmark are at the World Cup next year, but if Bendtner is not playing competitive football somewhere next season, he can kiss goodbye to any chance he has of going to Brazil… The guy is nothing but a ‘cat turd’…

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