Arsenal complete 3rd signing of the summer….who’s next?

Arsenal have had their third summer signing confirmed, with the reported loan deal for Italian goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano now concluded and made official! Before there was official word from Arsenal on the deal, Viviano’s parent club, Palermo, made it very clear that the goalkeeper has left for the Emirates.

The news may only be in Italian so far, but the terms and conditions of the loan deal are being widely reported on social networking site Twitter, with several reliable sources stating that the deal has a 1 million euro transfer fee to take the Italian to Arsenal, whilst a fee ranging between 5/6 million euros is mentioned as the price tag that can be met to purchase the player at the end of the loan deal.

Viviano has missed out on a lot of the media hype much because of the link of Arsenal and Real Madrid’s Mesut Ozil. But understandably the German international midfielder has unsurprisingly picked up all the plaudits and should that go through, it will surely be the signing of the day in England, if not the entire summer for the Premier League.

But back to Viviano and many have slated him before he has even shown what he is worth because it’s been widely known that his parent team, Palermo, are in Serie B and so he cannot be too much of a good goalkeeper if he was relegated. Not only is that a ridiculous statement to make in the first place but it’s also a fact that Viviano has been out on loan and so hasn’t been afflicted with Palermo’s decline in any means.

As a backup for Szczseny, I think Viviano will do an excellent job and he could really provide valuable experience and worthy opposition to challenge for Szczseny’s position should the Poland international. It’s not expected that Viviano will be Arsenal’s number one but I can say that even from the little I have seen of him, Arsenal should feel a bit more comfortable with Viviano on the bench rather than Fabianski and for the small fee of 1 million euros, roughly exchanging to £875k, it’s a fantastic deal for the club to conclude.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal complete 3rd signing of the summer….who’s next?

  1. if it was up to me I would make 2 more signings minimum
    a centre back and a striker, if we had time I would sign a winger and another right back as well.

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