Arsenal confirm Sanchez transfer but why nobody else!?

I don’t want to complain, although god knows that Arsenal fans have had plenty to complain about in the last decade or so, and I am really pleased to see the official confirmation on the Arsenal website about us completing the transfer the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona, but to be honest I expected more on the day we launch our new kit.

It has been hard watching all of our Premier League rivals snap up players in the last few weeks, especially having to see our former captain Cesc Fabregas smiling with a Chelsea shirt. Even though some of their signings seemed overpriced and underwhelming, it was still hard to see Arsene Wenger messing about on a beach in Brazil with no movement for Arsenal in the transfer market.

So sealing the deal for Sanchez is great, but I thought the Gunners would be unveiling three new players today. We still need a replacement for Fabianski, Sagna, Bendtner and probably Vermaelen, not to mention plugging the gap in midfield which saw is badly beaten away to our big rivals last season.

Hopefully, the Barca star will be the first of many and they will start arriving thick and fast. Until then, let’s just enjoy the fact that Arsenal have added such a talented player to the club. Welcome Alexis.


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6 thoughts on “Arsenal confirm Sanchez transfer but why nobody else!?

    1. Complaining on today ? Wow that is amazing. Arsenal are going forward and that is a wonderful thing.

  1. Michael Staley, you just spoke my mind! How could you be moaning just after we made such a sensational signing? Must we sign more than one player at one time? If a deal is not completely done, must we announce it at all cost? Please, learn to enjoy a good moment and don’t spoil our party.

  2. Will somebody tell this guy to sit down and take his insulin injection. Or better still does someone have membership forms to Liverpool or Spurs for him. He would in good company in either club

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