Arsenal destroy Everton, now do the same to Munich!

This season has been a roller-coster for Arsenal fans, but at least we have made it as far as March and are still in with a chance in the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League, which is a lot better than in recent seasons where we have usually been discounted by the end of February.

Perhaps the 4-1 scoreline over Everton yesterday was a bit of an unfair result on our opponents, but Arsenal stuck to their guns and pressed for goalscoring opportunities right until the end of the game, and were duly rewarded. Bayern may not be so easy, especially in Munich. We won there 2-0 last year, but as the captain Philip Lahm was quoted as saying in “We had been very good in London, we thought nothing can happen to us in the return leg. All of a sudden you are 2-0 down and there are still some minutes to play. It shows that things can go really quickly in the Champions League. We will have that in the back of our minds,”

But at least Arsenal know that they are definitely capable of turning over one of the best teams in Europe on their home ground, and the Germans may also be wary of having another nervous encounter on Tuesday – especially as the Gunners have since strengthened their team in the form of the brilliant German international Mesut Ozil whose skills are well known to the Bayern players.

A quick look at the Arsenal odds of 8/1 to win in Germany may suggest that the Gunners have little chance in the return leg, but they were even bigger outsiders last season when they turned over Munich, and it would be a brave man that suggested that Arsene Wenger’s side had no chance at all. After all, there is much less pressure on the English team and they have nothing to lose by going all out for the win…..

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