Arsenal face striker crisis if Suarez bid fails- Who else could we get?

We face a serious problem at Arsenal if we can’t sign Luis Suarez which is looking like a big possibility at the moment. The problem is that there are no more world class players left for us to sign and no current targets for Arsenal.

I am calling on Arsenal fans reading this to at least try and start rumours to get things rolling in people’s minds. If the Arsenal fans continue the summer believing that a player like Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be joining the club, Mr Wenger will have to take notice and do something because if we end the transfer window with a player like Bobby Zamora leading the line, there will be a lynch mob at every game.

It may be a desperate measure but it’s called a desperate measure for a reason. All the summer optimism is going to end as there literally are no more targets. I think Wenger and Ivan Gazidis must have sat down at the end of the season to discuss summer transfer targets and said `okay let’s just find a young guy in France who is out of contract so it doesn’t cost us anything and then make some bids for let’s say…. Luis Suarez but stop just before anything gets accepted. Then we’ll panic buy at the end of the window, on the cheap of course`.

This really is another poor window filled with poor decisions as we won’t go to to the limits we need to get Suarez and there is nobody else to fill his shoes. I would expect an experienced man like Arsene Wenger to have lists full of players that he is willing to buy if something goes wrong with his top targets.

I am getting really paranoid about this now but who can blame me. Bradford City have more chance of reaching finals than us…. oh wait.

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal face striker crisis if Suarez bid fails- Who else could we get?

  1. There is no “crisis”. We play with one single striker. If Giroud is injured we still have Podolski, Walcott and Yaya who can play there.

    If we don’t get Suarez then I don’t think we will buy a striker at all. Suarez is, in my mind, the only top quality striker potentially available now who would improve on Giroud.

    Enough with the hysterics please, this isn’t The Sun!

  2. Why don’t you try your hand at something else as blogging is clearly not your cup of tea…..a mob of 1 stops game at the Emirates!!!

  3. Why spend £55mill on a striker that is unsettled – use the money and go and get Muriel from udinesse and jackson martinez from porto fantastic talents and for the same price of one striker

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