Arsenal face trouble as Koscielny’s agent suggests Barcelona and Bayern interest

There was a bit of concern for Arsenal fans recently after Laurent Koscielny suggested he might want to leave the club to further his ambitions, but when you read the whole statement, it had been taken out of context and sensationalised a bit. He actually said he was happy at Arsenal, but would consider leaving, in the future, if the club continued as it has been in recent years.

His agent, however, seems to be keen on drumming up some transfer bonuses for himself, because stories have started to hit the newspapers about the 27-year old French international and a possible big money move away from the Emirates. Hopefully this will not make a great deal of difference, as Arsenal have Koscielny on a contract until 2017, but it could encourage unsettling speculation and maybe even a bid from FC Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

Both clubs are looking for top quality defenders, but we don’t want them looking over this way. I, personally, do not have a massive amount of confidence in the Arsenal board and it’s ability to resist a tempting offer of cold hard cash. Do you?

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal face trouble as Koscielny’s agent suggests Barcelona and Bayern interest

  1. I won’t forgive Wenger if he sell Koscielny. He is under a contract till he is 32 years old. There is no reason to sell him. We are not in a serious financial problem FFS. We are not desperate to sell any player. If those clubs really want him they should be told to spend 40 million.
    If Koscielny wants to go from Arsenal, Wenger should keep him on the bench and tell him to shut up..If we allow him to leave this trend will continue and other players will be trying to force the move.

  2. Keep this man at all costs. Kos and Per have a superb link with Per’s positional play and Kos sweeping up when Per is beaten for pace.
    Although our little Spanish maestro was instrumental in our getting into the champions league and everybody played their part our centre back pair was THE main reason we made it

  3. I do find it somewhat obscure that the one players who’s blunder directly cost us our nearest chance for silverware recently feels he has to leave to win something….. Quality player though!

  4. I don’t believe the silly rumours that Kos will leave. If he does we’re f@*kt, where will we find a CB that will work so well with Mertesacker or Vermaelen? Every player has his price though, Wenger should tell them if you want Kos he’s £50m, that should shut them up.

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