Arsenal get tough with transfer target Cesar over wages

Arsenal target Julio Cesar has been told that he must accept a pay cut if he wants to join The Gunners this summer. Italian side Napoli told him the same thing and Cesar later revealed that was why he declined their offer of a season long loan back in Italy. Napoli then turned to Liverpool’s Pepe Reina who has signed on with the Italian club for the season.

Arsenal have been interested in Julio Cesar since QPR’s relegation was confirmed months ago. QPR boss Harry Redknapp has said several times that Cesar will definitely not be a QPR player for the coming season as they look to secure promotion from the Championship back into the Premier League, but he may not have any choice in the matter.

Cesar himself has said that he will be looking for a move as he wants to make sure he nails down his place in the Brazil national side for next year’s world cup which will be played in Brazil of course. To add to the situation, he then said that he would like to stay in London as his family is well settled and they like the city. Arsenal seemed like the only club in the race for him, in London at least.

Asking the 33 year old to take a pay cut is a smart option as we don’t necessarily need him. It would be nice to have him at the club to help develop Szczesny or even to become our number one until he retires or moves on but his wages are not worth paying when we have a decent keeper on far less.

I’m starting to sound like I’m on the Arsenal board now….

Anyway, we can live without him but it would be nice to have him. I still think wrapping up deals for players like Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain are far more important but I’m not the Arsenal boss.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal get tough with transfer target Cesar over wages

  1. To say a keeper dat has won d UCL,scudetto, Confed Cup etc isn’t worth his wages is absolute nonsense. Crap

  2. Am surprised bloggers take us for mugs. I know many of them are Manure cardcarrying members who double as journlists. I am aware of their keen interest in badmouthing Arsenal. The idea that Arsenal wants Cedar to take a pay cut is nothing but wandering. Who wd have informed them of that: Wenger or Gazidis?

  3. Arsenal need another keeper, his fee is so low that if need be they should consider passing a percentage of the savings in to his wages.

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