Arsenal legend expects Trophies next year

Freddie Ljungburg is an Arsenal legend who played an important role alongside arguably some of Arsenal’s greatest ever players and won numerous trophies under Arsene Wenger’s reign. Almost 10 years on from our invincible season, the same manager remains but not the same ambitions, club and mentality. The club has admittedly gone into a decline from what we knew as Arsenal’s past glories, but Ljungburg believes the club will regain silverware and its winning mentality next season.

Ljungburg said; “He’s (Wenger) done remarkably well for a very long period of time and I think with some certain economical restraints at times when they were building the stadium. To still achieve what he’s done is actually quite remarkable. The Club went out after the game against Newcastle and said they weren’t happy with being fourth. They want to win trophies as a Club and I think that was a very important message they sent to all the fans.”

It’s true that although the club did celebrate 4th place like a trophy, several players including the likes of Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud have all confirmed that it is Arsenal’s main intentions to compete across all four competitions and challenge for the Premier League. I personally think the club is capable of challenging for these trophies, but perhaps doesn’t have the strength and mentality to win trophies just yet. On paper, this could be solved with a few high quality additions across the face of the team and Ljungburg agrees.

He stated; “I think they have the foundations. I think it’s extremely important that they qualify for the Champions League; otherwise it could be difficult to attract certain players. I always say that they are going to win the league so I’ll say that again.”

Champion’s league is very important and it was vital that we managed to gain a champions league space, allowing us to attract big name players, but it isn’t just that simple. Many other factors come into play and I think our level of consistency will ultimately determine our success next season, but let’s hope that Ljungburg knows what he’s talking about and that we do manage to bring trophies back to the club next season.

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