Arsenal MUST forget about Suarez and support Giroud

Since the news broke from Liverpool owner John W Henry yesterday morning that Arsenal’s bid of £40 million plus one pound did meet and in fact exceed the buy out clause, I’ve seen numerous questions raised. Would Arsenal be in a better position had we signed Suarez? Why didn’t we go for another striker after Suarez failed?

I’ve even seen, `could Arsenal take legal action against Liverpool for their refusal to let Suarez go?` And although I cannot be certain in an answer with any of those questions, despite having a very strong opinion on some of them, I think the main thing Arsenal need to do is forgot about this for now.

Arsenal’s season needs focus not raised questions on what has happened in the past and is now irrelevant. Personally I believe not only has Henry come out on the matter because of his own accord but also to stir Arsenal’s position up within the media even more. The Gunners have unfortunately drifted even closer to 4th place in the league and a couple of bad results in the upcoming tough fixture list could see a sorry end to our season, so John Henry will be looking to do his utmost to take advantage of a position he holds.

There is no doubt Arsenal would have been better with Suarez this season. In attack, his striking ability would have seen a goals galore team and I’m certain he would have been worth it despite the controversy he’s had in his career. However without looking back on the past too much, we need to recognise we have been left with Giroud so he is our main threat in front of goal.

We could have gone for another striker in the summer or in Jan and if we had, it’s perfectly possible we would have been in position than we are now but would we have then signed Ozil, if Suarez had been our £40m man? I doubt it but then I’m sure people will come back to argue they would rather Suarez than Ozil but that’s a whole different topic.

What I’m trying to get across is that we shouldn’t dwell on the past. It wasn’t our mistake, Liverpool made it clear they weren’t selling and now it seems John Henry is trying to exploit Arsenal’s position. We need to focus on our team performances, not more media attention because nobody has ever been successful umming and ahhing the entire time.

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