Arsenal MUST respond to Chelsea show of strength

Arsenal may not have been entirely convincing on Saturday, but we did at least manage to win the opening Premier League game of the season for the first time in five years. With Arsene Wenger having a reduced squad to choose from and his admission that the season has started too soon for us, that win and the character shown were great for confidence, but watching Chelsea last night made me think again.

Hopefully, the Arsenal boss was watching as well, because it may just make him realise that the Gunners are still a bit short. Chelsea seem to have addressed their main problem of last season, which was the inability to break down the stubborn defences you get from the Premier League’s smaller teams.

And although it pains me to say it, the signing of Cesc Fabregas could be the key to them winning the title. I can see why Wenger did not re-sign the Spaniard himself, because that was not our weak area, but he has not addressed that problem either, which was our lack of strength and pace in midfield.

Arsenal were the opposite of Chelsea, despatching the smaller sides but struggling against the big boys. We need a Vieira type beast in midfield and we still have a couple of weeks to sign one, but if we don’t then I think we can wave the Premier League title goodbye.

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