Arsenal narrow Wenger replacement shortlist down to just TWO

If you believed everything that you read about Arsenal in the football media then we would have about a thousand players right now, including the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, so it is always worth taking a large pinch of sale with any Arsenal transfer rumours you read.

On the other hand, there is often some kernel of truth to the reports you see and with all the pressure on Arsene Wenger from the disgruntled Arsenal fans at the moment, it would not surprise me if behind the scenes the top brass at Arsenal have been thinking about who could replace our long serving manager.

Whether they are actually thinking of sacking him or just preparing in case the Frenchman decides to call it a day does not really matter, as it would be better to have a replacement sorted nice and early. There have been various candidates mentioned in the press but according to Metro there are now just two names on the Arsenal shortlist and they are Manuel Pellegrini and Diego Simeone.

We know that the Man City boss will be available in the summer and he does know the Premier League and has already won it, while Simeone has a great track record in La Liga and the Champions League and has successfully broken the stranglehold of the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. He might take some persuading, though, especially if Arsenal wanted him to work under the same conditions as Wenger.

So who do you think will be our next manager?

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal narrow Wenger replacement shortlist down to just TWO

  1. It’s the time Wenger to leave for us and be retirement two great choice two experienced coaches and talented coaches really you choose us two quality person and it would be dallema choose but if I talk my idea I’d prefect Diego SeMONE Because of he’s talent and spirit choach

  2. I just hope that wenger goes, he has done his best. Let him go, he has outlived his stay. We should go for experience coach and give him enough funds to strengthened the team.

  3. I think that we gooners are coming to that crossroad moment,who do we want to take over from Arsene.We have had 20years from one manager,we will never have that again,but it would be good if we have someone at the club who could take over.However the best man for the job may be available in the summer Joachim Low, WORLD CUP WINNING MANAGER, why not?

  4. It is better for Arsenal to make leave the Manager he was overworked with the club, even though he was good in saving and in upgrading youngsters. He was not good at buying strikers and known personalities.

  5. Joachim Loew, The man is a winner – Total. I like some of the ideas mentioned, but I feel we now need someone to kick – start the complacent mind – set we have developed or allowed to develop.
    Simone is a decent call my fear there is he is building a dynasty at Athletico to rival the main to aka Barca / Real.
    Joachim has reached dizzy height on the international stage, he would perhaps now be expecting big things for the Euro’s (who would bet against them) post Euro’s a move to a respectable “BRAND” Arsenal could be the ideal swansong for his career. For me this would be a superb move provided he is left to run the team as it should and the board “FREE” the funds needed for core purchases. Now That is a Power Play

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