Arsenal now reduced to hoping and waiting on Suarez!!

It is well known that Luis Suarez is battling with the Liverpool hierarchy to try and force through a move to Arsenal so he can play Champions League football with us in the coming season. The question is whether Liverpool will remain firm and stubbornly refuse to sell, or whether Suarez will abandon his wrangling, and it seems there is nothing for the Gunners to do but wait and hope.

We have had two failed bids and Suarez has stepped up his efforts to leave this week by going public with the whole situation. He is having to train alone now and the owner, the manager and everybody linked with the club has told him that he is going nowhere.

Arsene Wenger has responded to Liverpool’s stubbornness to let him go and said that he respects their decision and he will leave the player alone. This to all Arsenal fans is an absolute joke. I understand why Wenger is saying this and taking this stance as he doesn’t want to sour relations with the club but he has said it in a way which makes everybody think that the summer transfer window is over.

I am probably over-reacting here but I can just imagine us having no other targets of Suarez’s ability. I can even imagine having absolutely no other targets at all, let alone ones as good as Suarez. I am used to Wenger admitting defeat in pursuit of his “targets” which is why we have seen very few massive transfers for many, many years.

This summer was supposed to be different though and we were supposed to be pumped up for some serious title challenges next season. The manager and Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis even came out and said that we would have over £70 million to spend. The club must surely realise that the fans will feel desperately let down with yet another summer of penny pinching.

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal now reduced to hoping and waiting on Suarez!!

  1. Wenger playing mind game to Arsenal fans to buy season ticket, empty the seat at stadium, they will buy the player

    1. Whoever wrote this is a moron. Wenger understands that he won’t achieve anything by kicking off at lfc publicly. Afc will dramatically increase the offer and allow Suarez to agitate further. Eventually lfc will buckle

  2. We have 70 million plus gervinho sale. roughly 75 million.
    Luis Gustavo – 14 million
    Ashley William – 11 million
    Luiz Suarez – 50 million
    TOTAL: 75 million.
    If Suarez deal fails, Wayne Rooney for 40 million and save 10 million for winter transfer window.
    Wenger do it for the fans and club.

  3. Quote ‘I am probably over-reacting here’, no probably about it mate you are. Patience is the key to this transfer, Suarez won’t make his move until we confirm our place in the Champions League or Real Madrid come knocking on his door. So no point in antagonising Liverpool by making careless statements.

  4. For Heaven’s sake everyone, please calm down. The time to criticise Arsene is on September 1st IF there have been no signings of note in the meantime.
    We have until the end of the month. We know NOTHING about the negotiations going on behind the scenes.
    Yet already folk are assuming the worst.
    Have faith in the staff at the Emirates to do the job they are paid to do, always remembering that transfers depend on a three-way agreement….not an easy way to do business.

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