Arsenal planning transfer raid on Barcelona?

Normally when it comes to a transfer window the expectations of Barcelona being interested in one of Arsenal’s players is pretty much certain. They are like the Spanish Man City, who at one point seemed to be filling their team around players that they had bought from North London. But now the tables have turned and this summer, there seems to be a lot of interest coming from Arsene Wenger’s side when it comes down to transfers between the two clubs.

Arsenal have already been linked with David Villa for the most of the January transfer window. At 31 years old, however, he’s not getting any younger and injuries have unfortunately had an effect on his ability however I still think he’d be an excellent acquisition should were we able to bring him in for a relatively cheap price. It was rumoured that we almost had him in the bag in January.

The next player is Cesc Fabregas, about whom everyone knows the situation by now. No need to go into any more detail than to say, we have a buy back clause, 50% sell on fee and first refusal clause all inserted into his correct. Under those regulations the only place I can ever see him being sold to is Arsenal.

We’ve also been linked with the likes of Dani Alves, Pedro and Victor Valdes, who we suspect would never really think about coming to Arsenal but the link’s there and it just seems like either the media is trying to set something up between the two clubs so they can get the tasty transfer saga from Arsenal like every season, or Wenger has finally realised he needs to buy some top quality, experienced winners for his team and where better to look than a team that’s dominated Europe over the last few years.

So finally the recently reported news is that Deulofeu, Pedro and Sanchez, all may be available for transfer this summer. This is probably because of the incoming transfer of Neymar from Santos. These players will no doubt suffer as a result and players of Sanchez and Pedro’s quality aren’t going to be happy on the bench, whilst highly rated youngster Delafou won’t even get a look in. The one Arsenal are being linked with, is of course the youngster. Who else was it going to realistically be, but I thought as it was reported these other two players were potentially available, should we look at them?

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal planning transfer raid on Barcelona?

  1. our captain must return

    yesterday he was playing at 70% of his potential

    come to arsenal u will start to like football

  2. Also we have been linked with tello. However the facts remain that we currently have our full quota of 25 homegrown/non-homegrown players. As always its a case of one out one in and I am not including squillwci and arshavin in that 25 as they have already gone. Also not included are all the academy players that have left. The board needs to spell it out how it is especially to the fans who are being pushed into renewing season tickets again when yet again the club is being linked with all and sundry but nothing is being announced about signings. Sure the transfer window is not open but that hasn’t stopped bayern barca and monaco announcing the signings of gotze neymar and falcao.
    Once again we won’t be on the big boys table we are simply in the 2nd tier at best. Come on arsenal make a statement bring cesc home. Sign cavani, rooney, lewandowski or at the very least higuain or jovetic. Signings like cesar williams gremier should be a given. It is time for us to sign some world class players. Players that other clubs are in for and I don’t mean clubs like liverpool and everton. Our income should put us in there with united chelseaan city barca madrid juventus psg and monaco. Ffs our 2 main shareholders are 2 of the richest men in the world!!

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