Arsenal rivals and critics are RIGHT! But they WILL pay!

It has become like a national sport, knocking Arsenal in recent years. We have had to put up with a lot of disrespect from the media and TV pundits, while Arsene Wenger has had to answer stupid questions and keep his calm while idiots like Jose Mourinho and the Stoke fans completely fail to appreciate his ability and legacy.

And it shows no signs of stopping, even though the Gunners are showing real signs of getting back to our best. We will never know, of course, but I reckon that a few less injuries would have seen us crowned as champions last season. We did top the table for much longer than anyone else, after all, despite being constantly told that we were just lucky.

But I can actually understand where the likes of Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, Jose Mourinho and Steven Gerrard are coming from. They are trying to knock Arsenal down, because they are worried about what will happen if we get our swagger back. But that FA cup trophy in May might just be what we needed to supply that swagger.

I doubt if anything our rivals and the media say now will really matter, so instead of getting wound up like before, I am going to enjoy it, knowing that it all stems from jealousy, ignorance and fear in the first place. I suggest you do the same, Arsenal fans.

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