Arsenal should go all out to sign Juan Mata – Get him Wenger!

There are reports coming in today that new Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho may be willing to sell Juan Mata and Barcelona have emerged as early contenders for his signature. Such a player being available is too good an opportunity to miss out on which is why I think Arsene Wenger should make a shock move to bring Mata to the Emirates.

Such a transfer would be a great victory for the club but the transfer record may have to be smashed for him. With the club having around £70 Million to spend, a good chunk of that could be used to prise Mata to the club along with a couple of others like Gonzalo Higuain.

The first issue with signing Mata is where he would play. He plays in similar positions to Santi Cazorla which means his best position is attacking midfield or just behind the striker. Like Cazorla he can play on either wing when required because of his pace and technical ability. However Mata can play as the lone striker if needed which he did at Valencia before the arrival of Roberto Soldado. Mata has not played as the central striker since then but he was very prolific when he did.

He could be used in any of these positions and he would be deadly in every single one of them without a doubt.
Some people may be thinking that we have enough players here and we need proper strikers and defenders and a defensive midfielder, but it is very rare that the chance to sign somebody as good as Mata comes along.

Mata would probably be the club’s biggest transfer in years and would put the criticisms about Arsenal being too cheap to bed. The fact that the club does not spend over £15million on individual players any more is one of the major concerns at the club and by signing Mata, the club can only grow and begin challenging for titles again.

If there is any slight chance of signing him, Wenger should break the bank and get him at all costs because he can take the club to the next level.

Should the manager look to Mata to bring the club future glory?

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal should go all out to sign Juan Mata – Get him Wenger!

  1. It seems to me extremely unlikely Chelsea would sell such an important player for them.

  2. I don’t see this happening. He snubbed Arsenal for Chelsea last time round so why would he want to come now? Also would Chelsea really sell his to Arsenal, if at all?

    1. well, he ddnt snub arsenal.. wenger ddnt bid, even tho he found him .. chelsea did and the rest is history…

  3. It will be stupid move and I cant see Wenger doing it. Reason is that we had the best chance of signing this wonderful player and we failed. We almost gave that poor guy hypertension when we failed to conclude the deal and his father came out to say the his son could not sleep as he was waiting for Arsenal to conclude his deal. Mr Abromovish pounced on the deal as he noticed our unseriousness. Imagine now going back to pay more for a player that we could have got at around 12m just twelve month ago.

  4. Wenger should be realistic on His options instead of loose promises,yet very many accurate and international players are on verge of transfers .What is he waiting for to loose or not.

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