Arsenal to lose Alexis Sanchez to summer transfer?

The Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez has still not found his best form for the Gunners since coming back from a hamstring problem. He did not start the season too well either after helping Chile to win the Copa America last summer and looking jaded for a while.

But he still one of the players that Arsenal fans would be most loath to see leave and I am sure that Arsene Wenger feels the same way. But with The Mirror reporting that two big European clubs are looking to make a transfer bid for Sanchez in the summer, there might not be a lot we can do to keep him.

Both Italy’s Juventus and Spain’s Atletico Madrid could offer the Chilean a better chance of a title and of getting further in the Champions League on recent records and we know that Alexis loves to win and hates to lose. So just how is Wenger going to persuade his star man to stay with the Gunners unless he does something to show the striker that Arsenal are serious about trophy success and not just the balance sheet?

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One thought on “Arsenal to lose Alexis Sanchez to summer transfer?

  1. This is one of those ‘piling on’ type stories where the media besiege a team they feel is ripe for a kicking. You saw a lot of stories like this about Daniel Sturridge among others at Liverpool when they were losing earlier in the year.

    Sanchez is under contract until 2018. It seems unlikely that either Juventus or Atletico Madrid could come close to Sanchez’s £150,000+ per week salary, and even if they could, would they pay the £35 million it would take to buy him?

    When you do the math, it is clear this story is just plain baloney.

    This is designed to play on the fear of Arsenal fans who have seen star players sold in the past. Those fans need to think about who’s been sold in the last three years. Answer; no one of consequence.

    Even when Arsenal did sell players in the past they got top prices. So the idea that Alexis will be moving to any of the listed clubs on the cheap is ridiculous and anyone who believes it is an idiot.

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