Arsenal transfer boost from Draxler but Price is too high…. as usual

Arsenal have been linked with a lot of players in the build-up to the final week of the summer transfer window, as Arsene Wenger looks around the market for a lot of players, and although the Real Madrid players in Benzema, Di Maria, Ozil and Casillas clearly stand out the most, one story that has developed a lot over the past week is Arsenal’s enquiry for Julian Draxler.

For those of you that aren’t aware, Draxler is supposed to be the biggest young talent in world football right now. Forget Jack Wilshere and Mario Gotze, Julian Draxler is meant to have hit the same heights as Real Madrid superstar Cristano Ronaldo, when he was 19.

Because of this he has a very high valuation by his club Schalke 04 and the price tag is believed to be in the region of 40 million euros, according to John Cross in the Mirror. Roughly exchanging to £35 million, and that is an awful lot of money Wenger would be spending on one player, especially considering he is so young and just filled with nothing but potential. I understand that clubs such as Barcelona pay that much for someone like Neymar, because he is slightly older and he has already shown serious talent. But for me Draxler, although he is talented, hasn’t really shown it to the world and made football supporters stand back and watch in amazement.

But anyway, Wenger seems to have a serious interest in him and according to sources that cited Gazidis flew out personally to talk with Schalke, instead of attending the Champions League draw, Wenger has stated he is willing to go into advanced negotiations for the player. Schalke officials made it very clear he wasn’t for sale, however Draxler may have stunned them by saying he could well leave, as reported by

He said, “I don’t mind people speculating, I’ll let them have their fun. If nothing extraordinary happens, I will be here on Monday. But Schalke could change their mind and say ‘Well, 40 or 30 million euros is not so bad,’ and then I can’t do much about it. If the club absolutely wants to sell me, I will not say ‘No, I want to stay.'”

It sounds quite promising from the player, but I seriously doubt Arsenal will sign this young German international in the end, especially as he has already supposedly turned down Madrid and Barcelona this summer.

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