Arsenal transfer news another BIG blow for EPL rivals

I am sure that Arsenal fans everywhere will enjoy this latest piece of Arsenal transfer news and make sure that fans of our Premier League rivals Liverpool are well aware of it. After all, the red side of Liverpool had a field day taunting the Gunners over that infamous bid of £40 million and a pound for Luis Suarez.

Even their owner and manager got in on the act last summer, but I do not think they will be saying too much about the news from Spain, reported by The Mirror, about the details of the transfer of Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona to Arsenal this summer.

We were told at the time that Brendan Rodgers wanted to sign the Chile international forward for Liverpool and that the striker preferred to come to Arsenal and play under Arsene Wenger, although Rodgers claimed that it was only because the player wanted to live in London. Now we hear that our rivals were so desperate to stop the Gunners getting Alexis, they actually told Barcelona that they would pay £3 million more than the transfer fee that we had agreed.

But Alexis was reportedly so determined to sign for Arsenal that he persuaded his La Liga employers to reject that and accept our offer. And with our striker taking the EPL by storm while theirs, Mario Balotelli, is flopping, how painful must that decision be to Liverpool and their fans?

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