Arsenal WILL sign top players IF we qualify for Champions League

Whilst many of us will be furious with Wenger’s comments about the fact Arsenal probably won’t be signing any new players before the Premier League season starts in two weeks’ time, it’s highly plausible that the reason is because of the Champions League.

I’ve already spoken on this subject before and how I think that the reason for our lack of signings is down to the fact we aren’t officially in the Champions League yet. As I’m sure you are aware, 4th place in the Premier League usually means qualification for Champions League football, should you pass through the original play-off qualification stage. These European games are usually played after the first and second Premier League weekends. Although we don’t know who we are yet to face in this stage (the draw is on Friday), looking at the teams this should be a fairly easy stage to get through with or without any new additions to the squad.

Many people think that Champions League football is the ultimate attraction to top players now and to sign top players you must be a participant in the champions league, and unless you’re someone like Man City then its correct that that is usually the case. Therefore because we aren’t officially in the Champions League and could still possibly end up in the Europa League, world class players aren’t too keen on joining us yet.

Of course there are other factors to consider such as money and the fact Wenger is probably being quite stingy as per usual on the transfer front, however it doesn’t take away the fact in my opinion that this is the main reason why we are yet to sign top quality players.

If we are only looking to sign players of the highest quality, whilst obviously remaining realistic then the likes of Suarez, Rooney, Fabregas or Higuain were never really going to have their heart set on a move to Arsenal until our place is officially booked, otherwise they’d all be arguably downgrading, Suarez aside.

If you remember back a few years when we faced Udinese in the same scenario, we struggled that year to make any signings until late on in the window, with 5 of those names coming in on the final day. Mikel Arteta and Per Mertesacker arguably the only two to make it out of the 5 but in my opinion it just goes to show a possible suggestion that quality players aren’t really willing to put their name on the line until your place is confirmed and that is one of many reasons to why I believe we have struggled to sign anyone as of yet.

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