Arsenal’s Podolski deal confirmed…. Now for M’Vila

It is being reported today that Arsenal and Koln have finalized the transfer of Lukas Podolski to the Emirates as the German international hitman doesn’t want to interupt his preparations for the Euros.

The headline in today’s Mirror certainly makes it sound like a done deal. It read: Arsenal clinch £10m signing of German striker Podolski, A fee of £10million has been agreed with FC Koln and Podolski will sign a five-year contract at around £80,000 a week. A national paper doesn’t usually make statements like that unless they are certain that they know the facts.

They then go one to say that Wenger has now turned his attention to the strong holding midfielder Yann M’Vila, who has also been very strongly linked with the Gunners over the last couple of months. The 21 year-old French international has just about every sign of a typical Wenger signing.

He is French, young but still experienced with 18 caps for his country, and is only expected to cost around 15 million. And after Podolski, the holding midfield position is one of the most vulnerable positions for Arsenal if Alex Song gets injured.

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  1. MC says:

    The thing here is who will start if we have both Song and M’Vila? M’Vila will not want to play 2nd fiddle to anyone and Song is 1st in line, it’ll be quite a juggling act to keep both players happy with game time. This is where reserves should be brought in, a teenager who doesn’t mind sitting on the bench. Please don’t launch an attack on me for suggesting a teen because I know M’Vila is young and already has international exposure. I’m just airing my opinion.

  2. Laurent says:

    that gr8 story to hear but we need more signing such as m’vila,vertoghen,hazard\goetze\belhanda\thiago alcantara,hoilett,damiao\tello\neymar\benzema\rodrigo moreno.

    1. jamesp says:

      how could you say that??? half those players have only one or two years experience under their belt. they are no better than our current crop of 18-23 year olds. stop following everything the media say.

  3. Cc says:

    If m’vila is coming,I think we should bring back kyle bartly from rangers & hire tony adams as the new asst. Coach.Bartley nds 2 be trained 2 mind the back & with adams(best afc defender),he will do well.

  4. says:

    M’villa is good mid .but the player that we really need at the moment is another Wilshire or recently RVP didn’t have alot of chance to score.

  5. becko says:

    Don’t forget this is april sure no club even Arsenal will discuss to sell a player in the course of a season

  6. Matt says:

    Leave m’villa he wouldn’t be a good signing!
    how about leitner? everybody saw how well he played against us.

  7. Stuart says:

    I feel the need to point out the obvious mistake here. The Mirror is not a a NEWS paper, more a gossip machine.

    It may be a done deal but I wouldn’t take the Mirror’ word for it.

    1. Manon says:

      that Wenger can’t take us anywhere, I said that he can’t take us any ftrehur.To all of those who are criticising me, I would like to ask you one simple question: If Wenger is so brilliant then how come Harry Rednapp not exactly the greatest manager in the world on a much smaller wage budget, can take Spurs to within just one point of us this season?If Arsene Wenger could be honest he would say something like this: I’ve screwed up. I thought that the likes of Almunia, Bendtner and Denilson would turn out to be great players, so I gave them big contracts. But they flopped, and now I’m stuck with them. And the Park signing was a disaster: I panicked when I bought him. Just like Chamakh, he just isn’t good enough that’s why I’ve overplayed Van Persie. And I’m stuck with Diaby, too. We just can’t get him fit so we can’t play him or sell him. He’s another massive drain on our resources. I should never have given him that big deal. My hands are tied. Apart from the Podolski deal, I can’t bring anyone else in because I can’t get rid of the dross that I’m stuck with. It’s all my fault. But at least the Board and Mr Kroenke are happy: we are making a nice profit 5 6

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