Arsene Wenger Still Pessimistic about Jack Wilshere’s Recovery

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is still overcautious regarding Jack Wilshere after the injuries which afected his ankle and kept him away from the Gunners squad for the whole length of the season.

Jack Wilshere got injured in the preseason and was out for a very long time, but everybody’s rooting for him to return to action at the Olympics and prove that he hasn’t lost his way despite the very long absence.

“At the moment Jack has a different worry,” said Wenger.

“His focus is to get back on the football pitch and play, there is not one specific target like the Olympics or the European Championships, although he is out of that.

“His main priority is to get out on the pitch and play football.

“Nothing is definitely set at the moment, because we are in a slow progress world where we go step by step.

“If we start pre-season training at the beginning of July and he is completely fit to join in normal training, then we will see (about the Olympics), but let’s not forget he has not played for a whole year.

“To be competitive at the top level it will take him some time to come back and we have to give him that time.”

Wenger’s main objective will be to help Wilshere get back soon without any new setbacks and that won’t be easy to do given the youngster’s lack of patience and his enthusiasm to get back on the pitch as soon as possible.

But Wenger seems determined to bring him back to his peak as gently as possible.

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