Bank on Berahino to score a penalty past Arsenal!

If you are looking for a banker bet to put on for the Arsenal v West Brom match tonight in the Premier League, maybe you should think about putting your money on the Baggies striker Saido Berahino to score a penalty, because that would be just about typical of the way things have been going for the Gunners this season.

Louis van Gaal was ribbed a couple of months ago for saying that his Manchester United team were suffering from Murphy’s law, or maybe it was the way he called it the ‘law of Murphy’ that aroused amusement in the football media. But if anyone should be complaining about things going against them it is surely Arsenal, not United, that have the best case.

How many times this season has an opposing keeper had the game of his life when facing Arsenal? How many strikers have ended their goal droughts, or teams ended a barren spell and produced their best when facing the Gunners? This was highlighted again in the last week when Crystal Palace, especially their defenders and keeper, played a blinder to get a point off us on Saturday and just four minutes after kick off last night they scored an own goal and basically did not turn up against Man United, with their manager admitting as much after the game.

So tonight we face a West Brom side with three defeats and a draw in the last four games and their striker Berahino missed two penalty kicks in the last match. So what are the chances he gets one and scores it tonight?

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