Barcelona could be poised to poach Vermaelen from Arsenal

According to reports that have persisted with Arsenal in the past and now reappeared across several media outlets today, it seems as if the dominating Spanish club of FC Barcelona are still interested in Thomas Vermaelen despite a poor season from the Belgium international.

Perhaps it’s just because he is Arsenal’s captain and so Barcelona feel it’s necessary to table a bid for the player, like they have done several times in the past, but I honestly find it quite strange to why their interest remains, that is if the reports are deemed to be true in the first place. Vermaelen endured what was his worst season at the club since his arrival in 2009 from Dutch club Ajax.

When he first arrived he was seen as the defender that could tighten our defence and turn us into a solid side that could then hopefully as a result challenge for silverware, and we weren’t exactly wrong. Vermaelen was commanding and powerful in defence whilst we also saw him as a pure attacking threat, in fact the team came very close to reclaiming some silverware that season, but like many times before we seemed to fall in the final stages.

A few years on and Vermaelen was made Captain of the club, much to the fans delight, however come to the end of the season and it’s a very different viewpoint and story. Although still liked by the fans and we recognise his quality, his performances were atrocious at times, with the player in fact being left on the bench for a lot of the second half of the season.

As stated we know he still has some quality and I don’t think Wenger or the club should be looking to sell him, not just because he’s the captain and we don’t want to be seen as a club that sells their ‘star’ player or captain in most circumstances but also because I know his form will return. They always say form is temporary but class is permanent, so I think we call all say unless an extortionate offer comes in from not just Barcelona but from any club in general, I cannot see Vermaelen leading this club just yet.

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5 thoughts on “Barcelona could be poised to poach Vermaelen from Arsenal

  1. This is not news, any good news about new signing to make our weekend… Gunners for life

  2. He has had an unbelievably below par season. Was it the captaincy? I honestly don’t know but it has done him no favours. Considering he was the easy choice for captaincy after VP’s departure it’s been a nightmare that has everybody scratching their head as to how he can go from hot to freezing cold. Maybe removing the captaincy from him can restore his form, as I don’t think he was ready for it. Barca oh Barca the club I love to hate, they just can’t help themselves, constantly linked with our players & that can only mean good, proving we have quality players but it really is becoming an obsession. Sell him Wenger if there’s any substance to these rumours so we can add more quality to our defence & let those Catalans solve the riddle.

  3. Frankly, would not mind if we are properly paid meaning a fee of £20m. I mean what use will he be on the bench?

  4. It would be better to shut up with this as Arsenal is not a feeder club to the like of Bacelonas. We have heard enough of that and they can stay with their David Villa, Valdes etc as we are not a dumping place. We needed him in Jan but they failed us and he failed us as he wasn’t getting a playing time at that time.

    Now he knows and they know he has less chances, high salary/wage, they want to dump to a place he will get matches for world cup preparations.

    Let him go to a Europa team if they can match the wage

  5. Doubtless the press would have a field day, saying we had lost another one of our stars, when the truth is he isn`t even first choice anymore.

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