Benteke makes another plea to Arsenal

Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke has once again come out and made a ‘Come and Get Me’ plea to Arsenal, for the second time in the matter of a few weeks.

The Belgium international worked wonders in his first season with Villa scoring a total of 19 Premier League goals and has since attracted interest from clubs across Europe, but mainly from the Premier League. Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool are all reportedly interested in the 22 year old but it seems that out of the four he’d most willingly join the Red of North London.

Benteke is a well-known Arsenal fan after stating his support for the Gunners on several occasions. He has already said since the seasons end that he would hope Arsenal and Villa could come to an agreement for him, which I personally find quite disrespectful on the Villa fans part.

But now the striker has once again come out and stated a desire to join Arsenal saying that he would “love to play for Arsenal”.

In an article last week, I stated my opinion on Benteke saying although he was a good player, prospect and talent for the future, I was unsure if he’d be the star striker that so many fans want. I recognise fans like him because of his powerhouse figure, ability and obviously his goals, but we’ve been crying out for a big name striker for the last few months and now people seem to have slightly turned because of his quotes on Arsenal.

I mean I too have been turned. Before I was unsure but now I would be much happier with the prospect of signing Benteke. Although I’m still not sure if we could do better, I do now recognise that he holds a lot of the qualities we need. As mentioned I find the whole saga a bit disrespectful to Villa fans but I’m afraid that seems to be the way of football now, as seen with Arsenal players that have left over the last few years.

So overall I would be happy to see Benteke sign. He has all the qualities we need and although it was his first season, he has proved he can do it in this league, and in fact do it very well. He isn’t the big name striker we’ve all been crying out for, but perhaps it’s not all about the big names, we could make Benteke into a ‘Big Name’!

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18 thoughts on “Benteke makes another plea to Arsenal

  1. He is an excellent player who not only has pace but also a good finishing, is an ariel threat, has better ball control than Giroud and can get into better scoring positions than him as well.

  2. I also want a big name signing at arsenal… But honestly lads, this guy is GOOD! He is much better than Giroud for sure. Composure and technical ability! I wish we sold Giroud n replaced him with benteke and still get rooney or higuian.. Benteke shud not go elswhere, we need him..

  3. Y is podolski being linked to leave and not Giroud???? Giroud was not a good buy in my opinion, benteke has everyting Henry possesed… Giroud dosent fit, sorry ppl

  4. Benteke would definately be an excellent signing cos he poses all the qualities we need. In my opinion I will like to give Giroud another season nd wit Benteke in he wud not be under prEssure as 2nd choice striker. Higuan nd Jovetic mit be a mistake alongside villa. Jovetic is nt a top 9 as benteke nd Giroud be he can play from side nd behind de striker

    1. Spot on mate
      TOTAL CLASS and he dreams of playing for us. We can get Benteke and Villa for the price of Jovetic alone or the scouse Shrek Rooney

  5. I love benteke, he wil make a good asernal 9, fans from nigeria are pleading with wenger to make promising signing, rooney, jovetic and a strong holdinh 4

  6. I highly doubt we’ll sign Benteke, we have Giroud, he’s also a 6’4 guy, so we’d sign Benteke and our two strikers are Benteke and Giroud, they’re pretty similar players tbh, so if Girouds playing bad one game because the defence know how to handle him, we bring on Benteke, to ‘change’ the game, They’re both too similar, I’d take Benteke over Giroud, just because he’s an Arsenal fan, I’d rather have plays who generally love the club. 😉

  7. Please urge wenger to sign him up, we need a goal machine and he’s right there in our door step so what his this man waiting for to sign him up. He’s young and strong, he’s also good in pace and that the kind of striker we need in our squad not like chamak and gervinho.

  8. Was not too sure about Benteke but his love for the Arsenal is unquestionable… many worse off players do wonders due to passion, watched his clip of his season at villa and he has all the qualities to become a star striker… bring him home Wenger.

  9. Benteke is a striker who has already shown in his first season that he would be a class ahead of Van Persie if given the chance in Arsenal. Benteke is ready jfor the taking, sign him Wenger.

  10. heard so many names recently rooney, higuain and jovetic

    in particular if you look at rooney, he would cost £25-30m and £200k a week plus,

    whereas we could buy david villa and benteke for £25-30m and pay them together less than £200k a week

    I say go for option 2

    This guy WANTS to come and is pure class
    No way is he a one season wonder. Ask the Belgian national boss

  12. If possible, I would like to see Benteke AND Higuain signed, imagine that! Then we could get rid off the dead weight, Gervinho, Bendtner, etc. Then we could compete for some trophies

  13. Please wenga please save next season by bringing him home.he is totally our nd a perfect one pleassssssssseeeee!!!

  14. please mr wenger nigerians are crying take benteke bcos he will do the job for you and us,we really need to fight for trophy this coming season

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