BOOM! One Arsenal star beats WHOLE Chelsea team!!

This latest revelation showing how amazingly well Arsenal have been doing when compared to our big London rivals and the reigning Premier League title holders Chelsea this season is sure to help the miserable one Jose Mourinho to crack a smile and put his troubles to one side, NOT.

So it turns out, as revealed in a Metro report, that not only have the Blue boys been struggling to regain their form from the last campaign; with their creative stars like Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Oscar all looking like they are different players and failing to have much of a say in matches, but the whole Chelsea team have been out performed by a single Arsenal star.

In the key area of creating clear cut chances, which should lead to a fair few goals given that you have a decent forward line, the whole lot of them from Stamford Bridge have managed just eight in the Premier League this season. That may sound pretty poor already, and it is, but when you see that our German play maker Mesut Ozil has created 12 on his own, which is a 50 percent rise, then you can see why Mourinho has been looking like a man who found a pound a lost a tenner all season.

Keep it up Mesut, and keep it up Chelsea as well, lol.

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