Brilliant Belgian Star Desperate To Join Arsenal!

The Arsenal transfer target Jan Vertonghen has spoken yet again about his interest in joining the Gunners in the summer if the Premiership side will be able to agree on terms with the club he currently plays for, Ajax.

According to the defensive star he already went to visit Arsenal’s stadium in the second Champions League leg against AC Milan, but he didn’t sign with the Gunners yet and Wenger didn’t speak of any potential deal with Ajax.

“I have instructed my agent carefully. He knows which clubs I want to join, and Arsenal are one of them,” he said.

“Arsenal are a magnificent club and I hear a lot of good things about English football,” he added. “If a club of Arsenal’s calibre can reach agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.

“I haven’t signed anything with them yet. But I went to watch them against Milan, together with my Ajax team-mate Siem de Jong, after Vermaelen invited us.”

Vertonghen will probably have to adapt to playing on different positions if he’ll join Arsenal. He usually acts as a central defender at Ajax, but he’s a defensive midfielder when playing for Belgium and the Gunners will probably need him as a midfielder as well judging on the quite large number of talented central defenders the club already has.
Do you think transferring him is a good idea for Wenger?

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8 thoughts on “Brilliant Belgian Star Desperate To Join Arsenal!

  1. He’s brilliant because he ain’t some over rated British / welsh kid that can’t play football yet uses arsenal to project his career to England squad so as they get whipp assed every 4 years world wide !!

    Anything non British / welsh is brilliant.

    Have a rope Ramsy and do the right thing.

    Useless cunt !!!

    1. No need for that you idiot. After the tragedy thats happened this weekend you say stupid things like that you moron.

  2. If Arsenal can sign him, his a good signing, there will be more competition in the central defenders and is an opportunity for arsenal, so far he can play from any side of the defence and defensive midfield, also his an experience player with champions league experience with a good combination and understanding with Thomas vermalen in arsenal defence.

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