Campbell still fighting for Arsenal place despite Wenger snubs

Joel Campbell has always seeme harshly treated by Arsene Wenger despite showing promise on a regular basis. He wasn’t utilised by Le Boss this season until the weight of injuries forced Wenger to give him a chance. He actually played 11 League games this season, but despite some excellent play and 3 goals he was quickly dropped by Wenger in favour of more obviously out of form players. This is another reason why Arsenal fans have been disgruntled with Wenger this season.

Despite this the Costa Rican international has just had an article on the official Arsenal site saying that he still committed to fighting for his place in the first team. “It is really intense and when I thought about playing in England, I knew that the football here would challenge me a lot and that it would be both very fast and technical,” he said.

“It is not harder than I expected. It is a competitive league, the games are really end-to-end, it is really fast and I’m really happy to be part of Arsenal and playing in the Premier League.

“You have to be very committed to the team, you have to have quality and you need to give your all. Pressure is always going to be there, and even more so at a club like Arsenal that is always fighting to achieve things.

“We feel the pressure to win every game, which isn’t a bad thing, and when you’re a big team there is pressure from all sources – social media, the fans and from within the club. There is always going to be pressure on the team to be the best.”

A lot of Arsenal fans, including myself,thought that Campbell would be looking for a way out of the Emirates this summer to try and get regular first team football, but it would seem by this statement that we were wrong!

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2 thoughts on “Campbell still fighting for Arsenal place despite Wenger snubs

  1. Can someone please explain what Wenger has against Campbell. It is as simple as he cannot admit he was wrong ?

  2. Even the so hyped Sanchez makes a lot of mistake many times, holding unto the ball when he should not. Yet Wenger doesn’t see through his iris. As long as I am concerned, Campbell is one of the best talented players in the squad right now, no argument. He is a team player, strong, energetic, bold, etc. What can I say about Giroud, very annoying, tall and handsome for nothing. If Campbell were to be playing for another lesser club in the EPl; Wenger would say…I tried to sign him and then blah blah.. What is even wrong with this man,

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