Can Arsenal players prove Wenger right about quality and win Emirates Cup?

Today sees the second day of this year’s Emirates Cup tournament hosted by Arsenal in where else but the Emirates Stadium. Yesterday was the first day the club had played a pre-season friendly at home in London for this upcoming campaign, yet we weren’t to reach the same heights as we had out on in Asia where we scored a fantastic 19 goals and conceded just 3.

Well in yesterday’s game it ended 2-2 between Napoli and Arsenal and to be perfectly honest it was a very poor performance from all the players excluding Giroud, Koscielny and Rosicky, in my opinion anyway. But with that behind us, we now face Galatasaray today in another tough game.

After under-performing yesterday, despite a strong team from Napoli, Wenger definitely needs to pull his finger out and prove the quality of this squad, especially as the majority of the fans still fail to see the true “quality and potential of these players” that Wenger manages to point out in them every single year.

However despite saying this I expect roughly the same teams as yesterday for Arsenal, just mixed around with a few names and I suppose we can do nothing but hope we can beat the likes of Drogba, Sneijder, Muslera and not forgetting our main man Eboue.
I wonder what the reception for Eboue will be today because although he was a great character and we all loved his personality both on and off the pitch, in terms of his professional ability he wasn’t the greatest and I can remember countless mistakes from the Ivorian. Still I expect a positive response to his entrance on the pitch as he returns to the club he famously loves.

Galatasaray currently lead the table after beating Porto 1-0 in yesterday’s game. If the Turkish champions manage to get even a few goals, aside from winning or drawing, then they have a chance of winning the trophy, whilst Arsenal will have to go all out to win. With Napoli facing Porto first, the Gunners will know exactly what they need to do to lift the trophy, which could make for a frenetic game.

We really don’t want to let the Turkish club win it. Sorry to put ideas into people’s heads but if Galatasaray do win the Emirates Cup today, expect twitter to go into meltdown and the tweets of “Leaves Arsenal – Wins Emirates Cup” regarding Eboue. Football fans are so predictable.

If anyone is going to the game today keep safe and enjoy what will hopefully be a better game than yesterday.

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5 thoughts on “Can Arsenal players prove Wenger right about quality and win Emirates Cup?


  2. The Emirates Cup is not real silverware and by no means an indication of the “quality and potential” of a team. Winning it means nothing.

  3. I am very supportive of AW but I just don’t find the team reassuring.

    Yes, the team can play very well at times.
    Yes, the team does fairly OK on paper (not great but good on paper).
    Yes, current players can still improve.

    Still everything sounds shaky.

  4. Just watched the Galatassary match. We need new players.

    Arteta is good but not a player who can be the spine of a Premier League title team. You can wine about pre-season all you want but where is the club pride? Watching Drogba today was a pathetic flashback to 4/5 years ago. Same old same old…Drogba against boys!

    Any manager that thinks Aaron Ramsey is going to be a starter for you on a Prem League title team needs his head examined!

    We need new players. Current crop will scrape 4th if their lucky just like
    Sat year. They perform as good as they are as a unit, nothing more nothing less.

    We need new players to improve the overall quality of this unit.

    If Wenger doesn’t bring in new playersreppare for another trophy-less season and another dogfight for 4th!

    Really, really sick of it!

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