Can Eisfeld Get Better Than Gotze?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger wasn’t all talk and no action in this transfer window opening and managed to sign an attacking midfielder as he planned from the very beginning. Wilshere’s setback forced his hand and the Frenchman didn’t hesitate in signing Dortmund wonderkid Thomas Eisfeld.

The attacking midfielder is coming from Dortmund’s academy which is well known for the incredible midfielders it produces starting with Rosicky, Reus and ending with Gotze.

“I feel very proud to have signed for Arsenal. This is a great club, with many great players, and I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal,” he told the club’s official website.

“It’s a real honour to be team mates with the great players at Arsenal, and also training everyday with players like Tomas Rosicky – who I grew up watching play at Dortmund. I will give it everything I have here and do my best to make the manager, players and fans happy.

“I would also like to thank Borussia Dortmund, where I played for the last seven years, for everything they have done for me. I had a great time there, and there were many wonderful coaches who helped me get to where I am today.”

Welcome Eisfeld, and may you give your all for the colors we all love. People were writing Chamberlain off before they could see his amazing skills, so don’t make the same mistake with the 19-year-old midfielder.

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14 thoughts on “Can Eisfeld Get Better Than Gotze?

  1. Well I never heard of him before just like I never heard of all the star players he had bought. Also can’t wait for the summer to see who we sign then. But we have unfinished business in the league, cup and ECL. Has anyone seen him play before? Is he just a signing got the years to come or to kick off straight away? Must be straight away else why buy him in January?

    1. Wenger said he originally meant to sign him at the end of the season, and that the rest of this season would be a ‘bedding in’ time

  2. Of course, he is better than Gotze… At 400,000 pounds we have a new Messi in the horizon!!!

  3. Ok, i always give new players a chance. Im happy to have bought another promising player, but this seems more like a bischoff* type buy.

    He is not very young, at 19, and has never played for dortmund 1st or 2nd teams. An injury set him back a year, but it was the same sort of injury ros got so who knows if it will come back or be a problem down the line.

    Very disappointed this is all the club could muster… this kid will not play this season and wenger knew for at least a few days that wilshere will be out for another couple of months and diaby also.

    We are a van persie injury away from having no attacking threat what so ever.

    1. of course he is young what are you talking about? he was 19 last week, he is younger than wellington, george brislen-hall, jernade meade, ryo and galindo. In fact there are 51 players at the club who are older than him and we have the youngest squad in the premiership.

    1. oh just because we signed an injury prone german before you think this kid will be just like him?….thats sad

  4. Another window closes another missed opportunity.If RVP get injured we have to rely on Chamak for the run in.Profits before silverware

  5. I kinda agree with the writer. People complain that he is young and we need older players etc. The question is how old is Wilshere?….How old is The OX…How old is Goetz….They all have tremendous skill at such a young age. Age dont not matter in football for me…How old was wayne rooney when he made his debut for everton?….Hopefully we got a player who is 29 Million yes than Goetz and potentially could be just as good..

    Remember this with anyone you buy its a risk…for me this purchase is a win-win situation.

  6. I might add the hipocracy is that if we purchased GoetZ at 30 Mil no one would complain about his age….People seem to think quality depends on the price of the player and most times it does not.

  7. dat boy was better than gotze before his injury!, they broke 2 d first team last two seasons, but it was unfortunate he got a bad injury . Its jst lyk what happened between RAMSEY and WILSHERE. Before the injury ramsey was better than wilshere. After the injury wilshere became far batter than ramsey. Fans let us give d kid tyme. He plays like jay-jay okocha of nigeria. D boy is good. And for those wo are saying hes going 2 be another bishof pls dont think cos bishof couldnt make it after his injury ,dis kid cant make it. Take a look @ vanpersie after alll his many injuries now hes one of d best strikers in d world

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