Can Park Be The Answer To Arsenal’s Attack?

Arsenal’s Korean striker J. Y. Park declared that he is ready to take a spot in Arsenal’s first team whenever the manager will need him, but that he won’t expect things to go his way without a bucket load of hard work from his side.

“All my team mates are great players,” Park told Arsenal Player. “I do not expect a chance for me because a player is unavailable.

“I will do my best to prepare myself to take any random chances at any time.

“I am new to this club and to the Premier League. I am trying hard to learn more and more. I don’t worry about getting used to everything or anything. My team-mates are nice to me and I do not have any problems at all regarding training.”

The true question now is if Park’s ready to play for such a big club like Arsenal and what will happen when Robin Van Persie will have to be rested and Chamakh will be at the African Nations Cup? Probably the best option at the moment is to transfer another striker, and German Podolski seems to be the perfect man for the job.

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3 thoughts on “Can Park Be The Answer To Arsenal’s Attack?

  1. Your headline and the article do not match at all. Why not have a little faith in Park and forget about Podolski until the summer.

  2. i still need to see park playing more for Arsenal…we can’t judge him yet…if he had a chance more often then we would be able to voice an opinion but so far he has played 2 games , he scored an awesome goal on his first game and he nearly scored on his second if it wasn’t for an amazing save from the keeper

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