Can Wilshere repeat England role for Arsenal?

When the Arsenal star Jack Wilshere was used in an experimental role as the deepest lying midfielder by the England coach Roy Hodgson during the last international breal, there were many eyebrows raised by Arsenal fans and people in the football media.

And the 22-year old struggled to certain extent in the unfamiliar position. But Hodgson obviously saw enough to suggest that Wilshere could do a job for his country there and he was rewarded handsomely for his faith in the young player. Wilshere was England’s best player in both of the games against San Marino and Estonia.

The question now is whether Jack can take some of his new skills and use them for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League this season. I for one do not see any reason why not, even if Arsene Wenger does not use Wilshere in the same role. The Frenchman is unlikely to in all honesty because he does not seem to be a fan of the midfield diamond and he also seems to prefer playing Wilshere in a more advanced role.

However, Jack can still use the extra discipline and his rapidly improving long range passing when he plays for the Gunners. And those pinpoint balls he kept pinging in to Wayne Rooney will be just as dangerous when looking for the likes of Welbeck, Walcott, Alexis and all.

Do you think Wilshere’s new role for England will get him on a roll for Arsenal?

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