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Should Petr Cech still be Arsenal’s Number One keeper?

In the world of soccer today, there is this general notion that older goalkeepers play better than the younger ones! There is this belief among all that the older the goalkeeper, the better! Is this always true? Don’t we have young keepers who have made names for themselves? Must older goalies always do well just because they are more experienced? Is Petr Cech the best goal keeper presently in Arsenal simply because he is old and experienced?

Why are other managers getting involved in Arsenal’s problems?

Good day friends, hope you all enjoying our much-needed break? Well, I tried my best to enjoy my week despite Arsenal losing again! To be honest with you all, I was emotionally down after our lose to West From but then, I just had to move on with life! It is of no use depriving myself of happiness over a club that acts like my happiness as a fan, don’t matter to them!

Where are Arsenal’s set-piece experts?

Free-kicks are very important in a game. It is an opportunity for a team to score a goal, great teams have at one time or the other, scored important goals from the free-kicks situation. World class players like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo and others, score free-kicks to save their teams from the jaws of defeat! Why does Arsenal find it difficult to score free-kicks? Don’t we have good free-kick takers in our team?

Free-kicks are scored by creative players; a footballer, who is skillful and knows how to create the works of art on the field of play, should be able to score free-kicks at will! Do we have skillful players at Arsenal? Yes, we do…..

West Brom v Arsenal – What the stats said….


The Gunners were hammered a big blow at the Hawthorns as Arsenal were beaten 3-1 under the view of 24065 spectators. The host started brightly as they took the lead through Craig Dawson who found some room in Arsenal’s defence to head home from a resultant corner-kick in the 12th minutes of the game.

Man City hold Liverpool to give Arsenal ONLY positive

It was looking for some time today as if everything would go against Arsenal and our chances of getting back into the top four of the Premier League. First of all Manchester United, with a healthy slice of luck, won at Middlesborough to take them above us in the table for the first time in a long time.

Then our north London rivals Tottenham rode their own luck, with the referee awarding them a dubious penalty and denying Southampton a good shout for their own to let Spurs win 2-1. And in the final game of the EPL weekend, Liverpool took the lead away to Man City and were looking good to win for quite a while.

Alexis’ ‘terrible’ ankle to ruin rest of Arsenal’s season?

There is no doubt that Arsenal are in a real dogfight to finish in the top four Premier League places and keep the remarkable record of getting into the Champions League in every full season with Arsene Wenger as manager. The Gunners also have the small matter of an FA cup trophy to challenge for.

A win in the final at Wembley in May would make both Arsenal and our manager the record winners of the famous old cup and that would definitely make this disappointing season a lot easier for us all to bear, but in a dogfight you need fighters and it is crystal clear that our biggest warrior out there on the pitch is Alexis sanchez.

Man Utd win pushing Arsenal into Europa League with NO Wenger trophy

If Arsenal are to fail to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in two decades, I personally would rather we drop out of Europe altogether, but with the winner of the FA cup likely to be one of the top four if not the Gunners it would put the sides finishing 5,6 and 7 in the Europa League.

It is possible that we could finish 8th, especially if Arsenal keep playing the way we have been, but it is unlikely. Unless we really start to show our best form though, it looks like we could be playing in the Europa League next season, because Manchester United punished our failure to get anything from West Brom to the maximum today with a win away to Middlesborough.

Is the Chelsea boss just being nice to Arsenal?

Chelsea may not be in the Champions league but their form this season has been awesome! They started this season on a wrong foot under the tutelage of their new Italian coach but as time went on, he discovered his winning formula and now, Chelsea are on their way to being premiership champions. Probably, if they had been in the Champions league, they would have done better than the rest of the English clubs without doubt.

Arsenal just need to win a couple of games?

It’s been a very challenging past month for the Gunners, with some truly shocking performances. Defeats against Chelsea and Liverpool were bad enough, yet to mix in the absolute embarrassment against Bayern Munich over two legs is just something that is unforgivable for Arsene Wenger. Big changes need to happen soon at the club, but one player, Nacho Monreal, believes a rise in form is just around the corner.

Monreal, who much like Arsenal, has been largely inconsistent this season. Often hailed as one of the best defenders in the league, Monreal has not given that impression off at all this season and has been very poor in comparison to previous campaigns.

West Brom boss has BAD NEWS for Arsenal fans wanting Wenger out

We Arsenal fans may think that we are in the best position to know and understand the way that Arsene Wenger thinks and works, but his rival managers in the Premier League and around Europe are probably better placed. Being in the same line of work as well as coming into close contact must surely make them more aware of what makes Wenger tick.

And over the last decade or so the current boss of Arsenal’s opponents today has had more run ins with the Frenchman than almost anyone, so when the West Brom boss Tony Pulis gives his own take on the issue of whether Wenger will stay at Arsenal or leave at the end of the season, we should probably take heed.