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Can Arsenal and Wenger REALLY ignore fans? What then?

The frustration of the Arsenal fans, or at least a section of them, has been part of football life in England for almost 10 years now. Ever since the Gunners moved to the Emirates Stadium from Highbury the success and silverware that we enjoyed in the first 10 years under Arsene Wenger dried up and the only thing keeping most of us from joining the Wenger Out Brigade was the realisation that the Prof was doing very well on what resources the club could give him.

Arsene Wenger should talk to his family!

I have been thinking about Arsene Wenger’s predicament at Arsenal and the thought that came to my mind was, “If Wenger had a family, would he consider their opinions in taking a final decision about coaching Arsenal for next season?”

Ladies and gentlemen of good repute, we surely know the impact our families play in our day to day decision makings. We know how it is important to consider them and their opinions in whatever we do. For the married men amongst us, we all know how influential our wives can be; they are very important in our lives and at times we are lost in decision, we go to them for a little prep talk! So, I ask this important question, does Wenger have a wife to run to? Who does he consult with in his decisions makings?

Arsenal just need to win a couple of games?

It’s been a very challenging past month for the Gunners, with some truly shocking performances. Defeats against Chelsea and Liverpool were bad enough, yet to mix in the absolute embarrassment against Bayern Munich over two legs is just something that is unforgivable for Arsene Wenger. Big changes need to happen soon at the club, but one player, Nacho Monreal, believes a rise in form is just around the corner.

Monreal, who much like Arsenal, has been largely inconsistent this season. Often hailed as one of the best defenders in the league, Monreal has not given that impression off at all this season and has been very poor in comparison to previous campaigns.

Arsenal fans! “Don’t worry, be happy”

One of my songs of all time is the classical hit song by Bobby McFerrin titled “Don’t worry, be happy”! Whenever I listen to this song, it takes my mind off the worries of life; Instead of being bothered over trival issues, I become happy because happiness places you in a good emotional state.

I would like to recommend this song to every Arsenal fans out there; forget your worries and just be happy! Now, these are the situations I will ask you to worry less and just be happy…

Arsenal 5-0 Lincoln City – What the stats revealed about the game…

The Gunners were 5-0 winners over Lincoln FC in the FA Cup clash on Saturday to prove that their season is not all dead and gone, as it seems following back to back defeat against Liverpool (3-1) and (Bayern Munich 5-1 home and away) in the UEFA Champions League.

Be that as it may b, Theo Walcott got the breakthrough goal for Arsenal to open the scoring as goals kept coming in the second half.

The game was a true reflection of the score line as Arsenal dominated the game thus making Lincoln to be second best in the entire contest.

Alexis makes it clear he wants to leave Arsenal

When relationships go sour, we expect all kinds of funny attitudes from the parties involved but what stands you out as a matured man or woman is the ability to hold your peace and never disrespect the other party involved. Yes, you are no longer interested in the relationship but instead of leaving on a bad note, matured people try to end relationships as friends! This will come in handy if there is need for any future meetings between both parties. The end of a relationship should not be the end of friendship! I wished Sanchez knew this.

Does Bayern beating show Arsenal’s key man is Koscielny NOT Alexis?

Fans of Arsenal or any football club for that matter will usually come down on the side of the manager, as they are the main representative of the club, when a player is showing petulance on the pitch or if there are suggestions that they are causing problems in the dressing room.

The fact that we Gooners seem to be fairly split over the Arsene Wenger and Alexis Sanchez shows just how important a player we think the Chilean, while some of it is also down to the frustration over our fortunes for the last decade and the feeling among many that Wenger’s time is up.

Wenger wants ‘total commitment’ from Arsenal so why bench Alexis?

After Arsene Wenger left Alexis Sanchez on the Arsenal bench for the first half of our Premier League defeat to Liverpool it was always going to be a big talking point and in some ways I can see why the manager felt that he had to show some authority after a reported training ground incident surrounding the Chilean striker.

Despite denying the row, Wenger has hinted at the reasons behind it being that the recent shows of frustration on the pitch from Alexis have come about through his wish for the rest of the Arsenal team to get stuck in and make the same effort as he does on a regular basis.

Ozil proves how awkward he is for Wenger to manage

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil has been in the news this week concerning things he wrote in his new book, “the magic of the game”. First it was the squabble he had with Mourinho, then the reason why he sacked his Father as his agent! While all these may keep people entertained and informed about happenings in his life, the timing of the book and purpose of writing the book seemed not to be properly planned.