Chamberlain wants to score more goals, so do Arsenal fans!

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is a popular figure amongst the club mainly because of his raw talent but also because of his likeable, friendly and open character. He is a down to earth professional who doesn’t get hyped over the financial side of things and plays the game for the right reason. The Ox is a true professional and because of this Arsenal fans expect a lot of the youngster.

Chamberlain has certainly proved his worth over the last two seasons despite not being an integral part of our team. His fantastic performances are because of his pure talent. He has pace, skill, good passing ability and a great work rate, the only thing he seems to lack is goals, and the Englishman recognises he needs to improve on that side of his game.

“My dad wants me to score more goals, he’s always telling me to do that. He’s right because I want me to score more goals. I know that’s one of the things I need to improve on next season. I just want to improve my overall game. You can always keep learning and getting better. I know I still have a lot to do.”

Chamberlain has a great shot; there is no doubt about that, with goals against Coventry and Newcastle being absolutely fantastic goals. He also displayed his rocket shot last season, whilst he also proved he can finish in the trickiest situations, scoring two very tight goals against Blackburn.

Chamberlain also scored a well taken goal against Brazil recently and the 19 year old had a little joke with the media about his stunning drive.

Oxlade-Chamberlain said: “Dad sent me a text before the Brazil game saying, ‘Make sure you do something good.’ The next day he sent another which said, ‘I like it when you listen to me’.”

Let’s hope the Ox ups his game next season and continues to add to the team with a few more goals, what is certain is he is an uprising star that could be a surprising important player next season.

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3 thoughts on “Chamberlain wants to score more goals, so do Arsenal fans!

  1. I like the lad a lot and I feel for him because he rarely features in the starting line-up, yet I strongly feel he should play well ahead of players like Gervinho. As for scoring more, well, he’s an attacking midfielder/winger and that obviously warrants goals and assists. Spot on!

  2. Why are Arsenal fans putting so much pressure on Oxlade-Chamberlain? He’s only 19 for crying out loud, he’s still very young. If he was 24 and not scoring I’d be worried, so just relax everyone. It was the same thing with Walcott, for years everyone was saying he should be scoring more goals. This season he was 23/24 and he finally came of age and starting scoring. So just relax and give the Ox a few years.

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