Debate – Should Arsenal let Vermaelen leave?

The pressing Vermaelen issue

The captain is always a very important spot for every team in the world. The leader of the Arsenal team is essential to the success of the team as the captain is able to make decisions for the team on and off the pitch. This will affect the performance of the team directly and many people forget that more often than not.

Vermaelen has been a great player for Arsenal in the past. A solid centre half that can easily make the first team of any club in the league, Vermaelen has established himself as a premier defender on many levels. However in recent seasons, he has been dropped in favor of the formidable partnership of Koscielny and Mertesacker. This has led to many questions regarding the captaincy issue. It is kind of ridiculous our captain is sitting on the bench but that is all for the good of the team.

The snubbing of Vermaelen has led to him to be linked to many clubs, Manchester United being one of the hot favorites to get his signature. It is not surprising he is linked to a move away from Arsenal as he is too good to just be warming the bench. Also, it is important to note that Thomas has been an absolute gentleman during the period where he is on the bench and he is gracious enough for Mikel or Per to take over the captaincy during that period.

Nevertheless, I feel that if we had to let Thomas go, he should not be sold to a rival club as this will directly affect our interests. We would also need to get another solid centre-back to take over from him and that is by no means an easy task as Premier League defenders willing to sit on the bench are a rare breed nowadays.

Should Thomas go? Let us know Gooners!

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7 thoughts on “Debate – Should Arsenal let Vermaelen leave?

  1. From what of his performance last season when he came in to replace Koschelny, yes he is totally pants. Sell him asap.

  2. other than a £6m bid from united has anyone else declared an interest?

    we have already had to spend £8-11m to replace sagna, we are probably going to have to spend a minimum of £3m to replace fabianski and spent £30m+ in replacing bendtner.

    All three left for nothing, that is something the club has to address, we cannot keep letting players go for nothing.

    I would accept hernandez or jones in return for vermaelen or smalling plus cash.

    Not interested in any other united player.

    Whatever happens to vermaelen we must replace him with a regular international who can challenge kos/per

  3. We need a player who can play both centre-half and midfield.

    Like Petit could, like Alex Song can, like Khedira can. Sagna could play. Centre-half.

    Until we have a replacement signed we cannot sell him. You will know a replacement has not been signed all the time he remains an Arsenal player. As soon as you hear he is sold you will know we already have a player waiting to be announced.

    Something you need to remember about Vermaelen is he can play left back too.

  4. what back-up central defender would you rate higher than vermaelen? if you can give me the name of a better cb that’s willing to come to arsenal, i’ll say “let’s sell vermaelen”. until then, he stays.

    vermaelen, while being technically brilliant, has significant tactical flaws to his game. that’s where his focus needs to be. that’s where arsenal’s focus needs to be as well. he’s that close to being world class. we’ll see.

  5. Thomas. Has dropped seriously also due to injuries and lack of game time.
    So has the opportunity to stay but with some consequences such waiting on the bench for months.
    But sometimes injuries affect those areas so he will be considered.

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