Fabregas NOT coming back to Arsenal

Former Gunner and Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has been rumoured with a return to England this sumer, with both Arsenal and Manchester United interested in the Spaniard. However after a saga of rumours that have been ongoing for well over a week now, Fabregas has confirmed that no only have no club spoken with him, but also that he has no intentions to leave the Spanish Champions.

Fabregas said; “People talk a lot but the truth is that no-one has spoken with me. I want to triumph in Barcelona, that club is my home and I always dreamed of playing there, so I will try and succeed there as long as I can.”

It is true that Fabregas once stated that he would never rule out a return to Arsenal however after persistent denials it seems almost certain that he won’t come back to North London this summer. It’s not something Arsenal fans should be disappointed with, and if I’m honest I think a lot of fans only wanted his return because they were fearful he would go to Manchester United otherwise. However that won’t be the case either and even if there were rumours of Fabregas linking up with Van Persie in Manchester, it’s highly unlikely to happen because it’s not financially good for United or Barcelona.

With Arsenal having several clauses inserted into Fabregas’ contract, it would have been very tough for United to secure the move financially and it wouldn’t be benefiting enough for Barcelona to sell the former Arsenal skipper to anyone else apart from Arsenal. So even if he isn’t joining this summer, I wouldn’t completely rule out seeing Fabregas back in an Arsenal shirt in the future because in fact its far more likely than you might first think.

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  1. Need to maybe get a bit more up to date on the news please.
    This was last weeks story

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