Former Ballon d’Or Out Of Reach For Arsenal

Real Madrid’s manager Jose Mourinho blasted the dreams of Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger of bringing former Ballon d’Or Kaka to the club during this month as rumours have been pointing out for quite some time.

“I am counting on Kaka until June and then again for next season,”

“The trophy that drives me the most is the league,” added Mourinho. “Everyone wants the Champions League, but sometimes teams win that without deserving it.

“They can win because of small details, when things happen that should not or because opponents have key injuries. Many reasons.

“The league is a competition where the team that deserves it wins it and that is why I prefer it.”

Kaka is also being trailed by other European teams with PSG and Milan as favourites to bring the attacking midfielder. If Mourinho will indeed keep Kaka it would be a shame for Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger who already missed out on Reus who will be joining Dortmund and is likely to miss out on Gotze as well.

Hazard and M’Vila are the only remaining top targets for Arsenal in the midfield even though rumours with other players exist. The two are the only remaining midfielders who would really be able to help Arsenal get back to the form which consecrated them and perhaps back in the title race.

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9 thoughts on “Former Ballon d’Or Out Of Reach For Arsenal

  1. Who needs kaka at 29 ?? Let’s think long term ! We don’t need m’vila because we have Song, couqeulan and Frimpong ! A kind of player we need is Hazard ! I think Arsenal should pay £30 million for him !

  2. we need up and coming chaps like Podolski, Hazard and likes but not Kaka.Mourinho can keep him against him as almighty Barcelona awaits him.

  3. no more long term option for arsenal..they must proved it now because we need the trophies now rather than later!! that is why we must buy kaka

  4. Everyone raves about hazard but what has he really done? he has yet to really impress on the international stage but has set the belgian league alight. as did ronnie wallwork!

  5. We need real class like Thiago Alicantra & nothing less!

    In Arsene we trust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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