Gazidis – Arsenal need to get the right pieces in place to win trophies

“My message to our fans is that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that Arsenal can challenge for trophies next year.” said Mr. Gazidis.

In an extensive interview with he spoke about the rollercoaster season and praised the fans and staff for pulling together in difficult times. He also acknowledged that the loss of Fabregas and Nasri, along with Jack Wilshere’s injury were the major factors in Arsenal’s struggle.

He went on to claim that other clubs would have buckled under the pressure that Arsenal were under but the strength and unity of all Gunners got the team back into a creditable third place finish.

“But none of this is cause for popping Champagne corks at Arsenal. We want to win things.”

On the Robin van Persie affair he would say very little as there is an agreement between Arsenal and the Dutch striker that nothing will be discussed until after Euro 2012. He did say that Arsenal were looking to do more business in the transfer market.

“But I would say that an even bigger overriding priority is to make sure that we get the right pieces in place.”

Gooners would agree that we need quality additions, not just additions but they do not come cheap. Gazidis needs to back up his words with investment. He talked of the commercial aspect of Arsenal as they expand their global markets and promised that all revenue would be channeled back into the club.

It all sounds good but we have heard this sort of thing before. Action speaks louder than words.

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7 thoughts on “Gazidis – Arsenal need to get the right pieces in place to win trophies

  1. Like i said b4 dis ppl is just playin wit fans mmotions he is talkin abt Lukas bcos dat is wat they do dependin on 1 player 2 deliver dem, arsenal has no gud team talkin of winnin spirit

  2. we already know that that the right pieces are needed. But u guys done do sh!t to get the pieces. The pieces you get to fill the gap lack the quality we need. Get rid off the deadwood and actually spend money and get of your a$$es and visit the players or something to show them you mean business and they will come. You guys are a bunch of jokers.

  3. young guner u are right.the right thing should be done.we need gud player that can help us win trophy and not wait 4 injury players to be fit.i stil see arsenal playing a gud footbal and not winning any thing. gunas 4 live

  4. My interest is still in arsenal,bcos i know they have good player,just make sure that one creativity player include the team,am assure that we are going to winning tropies.

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