Gazidis gives Arsenal green light to splash the cash

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis claims that the club can afford big money transfers and they can actually afford to pay players over £200,000 a week which is a rather contrasting statement to the transfer policy that the club has employed over the last few seasons.

Gazidis also claims that the only reason the club hasn’t signed massively expensive players is because Arsene Wenger doesn’t take notice of transfer fees, he only looks at a player and if he is a good player, he signs him no matter what the fee.

Hopefully this explains the poor signings that the club has seen lately, the likes of Gervinho, Andre Santos and Sebastian Squillaci. Squillaci has already left the club and Santos will surely be on his way out as soon as the club can find a new home for him. Gervinho on the other hand looks to be staying as Arsene Wenger still believes he has something to offer the club, let’s hope he can recapture his form that he had at Lille.

Gazidis added that this summer things may change and Arsenal will follow the transfer policy of other top clubs by spending big money on big players. Could Wayne Rooney be the first to join the revolution?

Hopefully the club have a plan to spend big now and once the club is challenging properly for titles every season they can take their foot off the gas and focus on developing youth to see through the future of Arsenal.

If Wayne Rooney is the first big signing at Arsenal, who else will follow? Gonzalo Higuain, Stevan Jovetic, Victor Wanyama. They are all players that the fans and the club have declared interest in for good reason. The gunners have reason to be excited if what Gazidis said is true and not just an attempt to quieten the critics.

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2 thoughts on “Gazidis gives Arsenal green light to splash the cash

  1. Gazidis is telling everyone, including we fans and Arsene, that the money is there. The problem is, getting him to spend it, no matter how much prompting. I daresay by september, there could be a long list of players we have bid for but failed as we have been the underbidders, or have failed to come up with an acceptable wages package.

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