Gervinho about to say Arrivederci Arsenal, Hello Roma!

News emerged yesterday that Gervinho is seemingly ever more certain to leave Arsenal this summer as the player, agent and representatives from Roma have met and discussed personal terms, which Gervinho agreed upon. All that is now left to do is for the two clubs to agree a price with there supposedly being just £1 million in difference according to the speculation.

Gervinho was named as one of the club’s deadwood players this summer, despite playing a rather regular role in the Arsenal first team last season. Many seemed confident that despite his worrying woes, he would remain in North London, but that no longer seems to be the case. As mentioned there is just £1 million difference between the two clubs’ valuations. Supposedly Roma started bidding at a pitiful £3 million before eventually making their latest bid of £7 million, but Arsenal are hoping to gather £8 million for the 26 year old that cost us around £11 million two seasons back in the summer of 2011.

I actually think £8 million is quite cheap for a player of Gervinho’s capabilities in this current financial market. Although he isn’t a top player, I felt that maybe he would be worth around £10m but ultimately if we sell him for £8m it isn’t a problem. What is certain is that the Roma manager is desperate to bring Gervinho to the Italian league, after working with the Ivorian back in France with previous club Lille.

Roma officials stated, “Garcia has made Gervinho his top choice. He knows only too well of his capabilities and that is why Roma will pay a higher price.”

As I mentioned I don’t feel they are paying a particularly high price, but perhaps I see it differently, being as their original bid was £3 million – Talk about taking a few tips from Wenger. I wouldn’t have been overly disappointed to see Gervinho stay this season as I think he could have done a good job coming off the bench and being a squad rotation player. My main point is, I don’t have an issue with selling the forward, as long as we know who we want to replace him, and in Wenger’s mind, no doubt the answer to that will be either Ryo Miyaichi or Serge Gnabry.

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2 thoughts on “Gervinho about to say Arrivederci Arsenal, Hello Roma!

  1. I’m quite disappointed that after I believed your Bernard-is-done-deal story, his agent talks about potential destinations without as much as a mention of Arsenal.

  2. For me suarez is just 1 of 5 pieces required. It will be interesting to see if we can afford the other 4 pieces. But the sale of gervinho bendtner park and chamakh will help even if we only get loan deals I don’t care so long as we don’t see them pulling on one of our shirts again.

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