Giroud not worried about Arsenal buying Welbeck

The French striker Olivier Giroud has returned to full fitness for Arsenal, but may still need to some time to get back to match fitness gained by having time on the pitch. One would expect him to worry about having to fight for his place in the team after the arrival of Danny Welbeck at the Emirates, but the French international thinks it will be good for both him and especially the team.

“Danny has done really well up to now, but I am not worried that we have bought Danny.” said Giroud. “I think we will have a good understanding on the pitch and can play together, that is the main thing, we are quite complementary.

“It is a plus for us, and it will be good for the competition within the group, we will give our best every week.

“We have our best years in front of us as a team, with the quality we have in the squad, now we have the quantity also, that is why I cannot wait to come back.”

Considering that last year Giroud played nearly every single game, Welbeck wll certainly take some of the pressure off. Maybe we will see them play together in a 4-4-2 formation against some of the smaller teams?

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