Gunners great says Arsenal will NOT win BPL with Giroud!!

While Arsenal fans will definitely be hoping that the current manager Arsene Wenger listens to what one of his predecessors has been saying about our title chances this season, the France international striker Olivier Giroud might not be too keen.

George Graham, the Scotsman who won the double while playing for Arsenal and won titles as the manager in 1989 and 1991, reckons that Wenger still needs to sign another top class centre forward, if the Gunners are going to really stand a chance of clinching the Premier League crown next May.

As a report in The Mirror reveals, Graham does not think that Giroud has the finishing power to really fire Arsenal to the top, although he does think that the Frenchman has made a brilliant move in bringing Alexis Sanchez to north London from Barcelona.

The former Arsenal boss said, ““They’ve brought in real class in Sanchez, but are going to need someone else to finish all the wonderful chances they make.

“Arsenal will be challenging if they get another two or three players.”

Graham does not say which other positions he thinks are in need of a boost, but given that he was one of the main reasons for the old `1-0 to the Arsenal` chant, I would suspect that it could well be another centre back and a hard boiled midfielder to protect our back four. Would any of us, except Giroud, really mind if Wenger followed his advice?

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4 thoughts on “Gunners great says Arsenal will NOT win BPL with Giroud!!

  1. I am an Arsenal supporter, and I completely agree with George Graham. Arsene Wenger has pulled a wool over fans eyes by signing three replacement players. Debuchy, Ospina, and Chambers are all replacing players who have left. Only Sanchez is an addition and a better than average improvement on the present squad. To think that the slow and laboring Giroud is going to do better than he has so far is a delusion. Sanago scoring is not even close to being a top-class player just because he got lucky scoring 4 against a weak Benfica team. If Arsenal do not get a real top striker and DM, they will finish mid table at best, considering what others have done.

  2. I am soo much in support of what He said,good advice I wish wenger follows…He should please live,Arsenal need a very Confident
    DM,Arteta was off the pace against Monaco,caused
    problem when he came off the bench against
    Benfica,lacked Confidence and Attacking Spirit. As
    for Monreal, he is a gone player,his approach
    disgustings me,very slow,sluggish,poor
    tackling,poor cross. Mr Wenger we need another
    Left Back..I wish Arsenal Go for Chicharito, we
    seriously need a finishing striker.

  3. Even if Arsene signs Messi and we still have giroud in the squad we can never win anything! Sanchez can play cf and Campbell ozil of Walcott play on the wings ox in midfield and Jack and Ramsey too the the back four only debutchy for sagna. Giroud is just not a and arsenal player but a rugby player so i think Stoke should sign him for £500,000 and pay him 2,000 a week

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