Has Koscielny ruined Arsenal’s transfer and trophy plans?

Hello guys. I never thought that I would be writing an Arsenal article of this nature anytime soon, let alone today of all days. But something is up that should worry all Gooners. The news that hit the airwaves just before last season ended is that there are significant sums of money coming in from the puma sponsorship deal and the huge windfall that EPL clubs will be sharing as well, thanks to the newly negotiated Television rights.

Suddenly, all seemed well in our universe with Wenger boasting that no big player will be leaving arsenal this time around. Instead, he plans to spend ambitiously to better the team. But perhaps Wenger spoke too soon. Yesterday, our very own Laurent Koscielny did not mince words about the possibility of him leaving.

He said, “I feel good at Arsenal, if we have ambition to fight against the other teams of course I want to stay here. It’s hard psychologically. We are constantly pressured because if Arsenal is not in the Champions League it would be a catastrophe. I have to see if I have clubs interested in me. I will not go to any club. I want to maybe discover another league. Paris [Saint-Germain]? There has been no contact yet. It is hard to not win titles year after year. We are competitors, professionals, we want to win. I want to add to my list of achievements. If Arsenal cannot allow me that, I’ll seek a move elsewhere.”

Laurent Koscielny, F*ck me! Somebody please tell me that this is all a bad dream. Koscielny is the guy that finally tightened up a very leaky defence that Wenger has struggled to fix for years without success. And finally, he replaces captain Vermaelen in our last ten games of last season and our defence clicked perfectly. In ten games, Arsenal conceded a miserly three goals, none of which came from open play. I feel sick already. Who needs this right now? We have got a huge battle on our hands because Bayern Munich under Pep will stop at nothing to sign Koscielny and as you can see, he is already plotting his exit strategy. Life is not fair. This is not happening
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8 thoughts on “Has Koscielny ruined Arsenal’s transfer and trophy plans?

  1. No, no. Koscielny comments could be good. Hes pushing for wenger to spend. Wenger may be convinced by kos’s words to spend more.

  2. Stupid bloggers(And English tabloids)… Blowing everything out of proportion.

    What he says is that he wants to win things and he wants Arsenal to go for more then 4:th every year. Have some ambition to win. If the club does not show that they have ambition he will think about moving elsewhere. And i don’t blame him. He plays football for a living hes not a fan.

    All day today and yesterday i have read this crap. The only sane and reasonable article/bloggpost I have read about this is arsebloggs.

  3. Makes me laugh how many people still allow themselves to be fooled by the way some articles are edited. Koscielny is a great defender who isn’t going anywhere, he’s merely expressing that after everything Arsenal went through this season they need to pull their finger out next season and fight for the top, otherwise there’s no point in him staying there stuck fighting for fourth. It’s a fair point and any Arsenal fan would agree with that. He’s also made it clear that he wants to stay and help make winning happen, people need to get off his back.

  4. dis guys are funny, they request d team to buy all in d name of ambition but when d team buys u will be relegated to d bench and want to go cos u dont have playing times.
    think twice guy cos u might be another song or hleb

  5. Wenger will sell him away, coz wenger doesnt want players who r ambitous for trophies. Wenger only like players who r satisfied by merely qualifying for da champions league but not by winning trophies.

  6. He recently signed a 5 year deal … Don’t care what he says he is staying. He knows it and he wants arsenal to spend big, well so does everyone. But for a player who royally screwed us in our last chance at winning a trophy, I think he would do well to keep it quite, at least untill he runs his contract down in say… 4 years time.

    1. We proved yet again last season that player is irreplaceable. Rvp for all his goals in his one outstanding season was good individually but collectively cazorla podolski and giroud improved the team. We ended with more goals scored less conceeded and more points on the board. We are also now far less dependant on one player and don’t go into every game fearing an injury to our only player. As for koscielny I am certain something has been lost in translation but if munich want to offer ribery and robben in a swap for koscielny or perhaps schweindteiger or martinez then I for one would listen. Half a good season does not make kos a world class player but if someone wants to make a world class offer so be it. Sure it will be a shame some will call it a disaster but I have seen us recover from the loss of far better players than koscielny

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