Has late Alexis goal set Arsenal on winning run?

Even though Arsenal have fallen three points behind the top of the Premier League table club Chelsea and surrender control of our Champions League group during the month of November which was us fail to beat PSG, Tottenham and Man United, we Gooners cannot complain too much as the Gunners are still unbeaten since the first game of the season in all competitions.

Having said that, the string of draws was getting a bit worrying and it seemed to be weighing on the players just as much as it was disappointing the fans. Arsene Wenger has admitted that it was getting to him as well, in a report on the Arsenal website, but he reckons that all that built up tension will have been washed away by the win over Bournemouth on Sunday, just as the tension during that tight match was washed away when Alexis Sanchez scored late on to make the points safe.

Wenger said, “The late goal released some tension. Suddenly when we only make draws, it gets a little bit in the head of the players. For us, I think it was an important step to win against Bournemouth, and having watched the game again, I think we played better than I thought straight after the game.

“That’s because the tension is there during a game – you absolutely want to win – so the emotional impact is a bit bigger than when you watch with a cooler head.”

There should certainly be less anxiety in the Arsenal dugout today and in the crowd and hopefully that will show itself on the pitch as well and that should help the players to perform and get Arsenal going on another good run again. Do you think we have put nervous November firmly behind us?

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