Has Mourinho had another pop at Arsenal?

There is no love lost between Arsenal and Chelsea and that feeling has probably been heightened by the mutual animosity between our own Arsene Wenger and the Portuguese poser (prat, ponce or pillock – take your pick) Jose Mourinho. But after the touchline spat between the two managers at Stamford Bridge this season, they seem to have decided to lay off the insults.

But you know that will never last and it sounds to me as though the Chelsea boss is aiming a subtle dig at Wenger and Arsenal with his statement reported by Sky Sports about Diego Costa being suspended for their next game after picking up a fifth yellow card of the season.

Mourinho said, “”No. We’ll play (Loic) Remy or (Didier) Drogba. We don’t cry about injured players or about suspended players.”

Of course the Chelsea boss claimed that his sqeaky clean striker was unlucky to see yellow, despite swinging his arm into Wes Brown’s face. And of course he does not mention the BRazilian born Spanish international being lucky to escape a straight red after kicking out at John O’Shea.

But is Mourinho alluding to our injury problems, which Wenger has mentioned quite a few times recently. I think so, but I would like to hear what he said if Chelsea had about 10 players out of action every time they played. He would be whining like a little girl and suggesting that life was unfair and his players were being targeted. As it is, they currently have just one injury and that is Nathan Ake who never plays anyway.

It is going to feel strange, but I am going to be supporting the spuds when they face Chelsea in midweek.

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One thought on “Has Mourinho had another pop at Arsenal?

  1. Editor, there is only thing to do in regards Tottenham game. Always, your money is on Spuds to win because when they win you. get dish and in the event they lose you get pure joy. Win Win eh?

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