Higuain or Jovetic? Make your mind up Arsenal

These two Arsenal transfer sagas seem to be everlasting, with the rumours beginning long before the end of the season, which suggests to me there is a lot of truth in the speculation. It seems Arsenal and Juventus are in the race, in which the likely scenarios are both clubs come away with one player each, or Juventus takes them both, because I can’t see Arsenal signing both Jovetic and Higuain. Well in fact I can’t see us signing either, nor Rooney for that matter, but let’s not get into that and instead look at who I think would be better for Arsenal.

Gonzalo Higuain has spent the majority of his career with Real Madrid, but at the age of 25 he finally looks set to leave, with Arsenal and Juventus the keenest on his signature according to reports. Reports have also said he’s been close to joining the Serie A outfit but yesterday he also stated how he’d fit in at Arsenal very well, conflicting the reports, so who knows where this saga stands at the moment.

107 league goals in 187 appearances is quite impressive considering the fact he is often a benchwarmer for Madrid, as well as rarely featuring for long with Argentina, but scoring 20 international goals from 32 games. The thing that worries me is his physical presence. Although the stats look good, the Spanish league is very technical and focused around passing and slow movement. The Premier League involves a lot more pace and skill although it does also keep the same qualities mentioned above. I think for £15-20 million he would be a good buy but I’m still not entirely convinced on him.

There have been rumours that Arsenal have been interested in Jovetic for some time now, with reports starting in early march, which to me suggests there is a lot of truth in the rumours, or at least in Wenger’s interest anyway. It’s hard to say how far negotiations or talks have gone for the player with reports conflicting across several media outlets, whist Fiorentina haven’t mentioned Arsenal’s interest at all only Juventus’.

If I’m honest I’m not overly impressed with Jovetic’s stats. 34 league goals in 115 games isn’t exactly anything to get too excited about from a strikers point of view, but considering his age of 23 and the fact that he is a forward playing just behind the main striker, his name should be considered as a possible player for Arsenal to look at. As stated he doesn’t actually play the central striker role and so therefore is far more focused around creativity and assists rather than goal scoring but of course that is also necessary from that position. The issue is I don’t think we need a player for this position, especially not for £25 million! We need a true goal scorer and a poacher who can easily rack up the goals. Higuain may be the man but once again I’m not completely convinced. Maybe Arsenal should be looking at trying to get Rooney after all.

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17 thoughts on “Higuain or Jovetic? Make your mind up Arsenal

  1. Jovetic would play great behind walcott/hiroud.
    Higuain would play great instead of walcott/giroud.

  2. Higuain definitely. The Spanish league is tougher than the Italian, and you can hardly argue with Higuain’s record, it is very impressive. What more do you want? Starting most of the time and a goal a game?

    Plus he will be an out and out striker, what we really need. Does a striker in the English league need great pace? No, RvP and Rooney are not that quick. For £20m or £25m you could hardly get a better striker. Rooney may be a similar price, probably more, but his wages will also probably be more, and let’s not forget he still has a fitness problem. And his record is not as good as Higuain’s. And with Giroud with his physicality playing behind Higuain, that pair could be very good.

    Also you contradict yourself by saying he might not work because the Spanish league is technical, and the English league needs more skill, same thing.

    And finally, I’m still holding thumbs for Higuain AND Benteke, but, knowing Arsenal, we’ll probably get neither, and if we do sign a striker it will probably be some unheard of young hopeful.

  3. For me, Higuain better than Joveatic. His goal scoring record tell this fact. He is wise & experienced enough to scoring much goals.

    1. I`m also not convinced about Jovetic, but at least he would be a statement signing.

  4. Depends on who fits Arsenal/wenger method better. I can see Jovetic being a useful player due to his ability to dribble through packed defence while Higuain ability to beat defenders is well known. Its therefore, who they play with that will be important and people he supports or those support him. Who will be more useful to exploit walcott’s passes or his speed, link up with Giroud, Podolski etc. Wenger however should know and make up his mind instead of this faffing about business. Fed up!

  5. Most suitable will be Benteke. He has proven to be a good striker in the League. Either him or Michu. Better to get a proven striker rather than a striker who needs time to adjust to the EPL.

  6. Jovetic all the way for me way more technical ability than Higuain and he’s younger also i’d like to say Wenger isn’t the biggest fan of your average out striker that can’t do anything but score goals. May i remind you of Thierry Henry and RVP undoubtadly our two best goal scoring strikers under Wengers reign were not out and out strikers. Henry was a left winger and RVP had a behind the main man role (like Jovetic). Also the out and striker we bought was Giroud although he’s had a decent season he should’ve had a better record seeing as he scored 25 goals in his domestic leage the season before last partnered with the fact he played alongside a more creative team than Montepellier with the likes of Cazorla Wallcott Wilshere Gervinho Rosicky and Podolski creating a number of chances for him this season which he failed to capitalise from last season. So maybe Higuain isn’t what we’re looking for? Maybe Jovetic is more suited to our team that’s what i believe anyway.

    1. Not sure what you’re on about. RvP was the second striker with Henry and then Adebayour, then he played the out and out striker by himself. As soon as Henry arrived Wenger converted him from left wing to an out and out striker, also Adebayour, Bergkamp, Kanu and now Giroud are all out and out strikers. So the idea that Wenger doesn’t play out and out strikers is silly. Would you prefer signing Jovetic so he can play behind Giroud? We would still need someone to replace Giroud, unless Wenger still believes he can become a top striker.

      And Higuain has a much better scoring record that Jovetic, and the Spanish League is more technical than the Italian. People probably exaggerate how technical the EPL, the Spanish and German leagues are at least as technical, but the English is probably faster and more physical.

  7. Rooney could be a disaster. He drinks and smokes, is prone to putting on weight, and is picking up more injuries. I don`t forsee him playing much into his thirties, with no great resale value in consequence.

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